About Us

ZeroBounce is a major email validation service created to help companies reach their marketing success. We are here to cleanup email lists, to detect email bounce, to prevent email abuse and spam traps, to append email information to your database and to provide advanced security. Our system increases deliverability rates for brands that utilize newsletters campaigns.

Companies that use ZeroBounce for email list cleaning benefit from the following services:

ZeroBounce's mission in a nutshell: At ZeroBounce we build the world's best email validation system to reach humans, not bots. Whether you are an email marketer, a lead generator, a Fortune 500 or a small business, ZeroBounce makes sure the email addresses you have are real humans and not bounces and spamtraps. Clients don't use ZeroBounce to remove bounces, they use it to find real humans!

Marketers who go online searching for terms like email verify or email list verify are looking for cheap email validation that can help them communicate their messages more efficiently. ZeroBouce was created specifically for that: to ensure your emails are delivered to the right audience.


Apart from making sure your email list is clean, ZeroBounce is also able to provide customers with data and IP appending features. This will result in a higher quality data and it will allow you to segment your list more effectively.