The Best Time to Send an Email

The Best Time to Send an Email

Suppose you’ve gathered a good amount of new subscribers, you’ve made the effort to validate your email list and you’ve crafted the best newsletter possible. It’s time to share it with your audience and see what their feedback is, right? Now comes the tricky question: what is the best time to send out your email? Does it really matter when you send it, as long as it lands in your customer’s inbox anyway? There are numerous studies out there on this topic, and while a detailed analysis may call for different approaches, these studies all seem to agree on one concise, helpful answer. Are you ready to find out what it is? Stay with us and read on!

According to the several studies we’ve read, there are three preferred days for sending newsletters:

♦ Tuesday: the majority of the researchers agrees that this is the very best day

♦Thursday: the second best time, advised as the day to choose if you send two newsletters a week

♦ Wednesday: follows Tuesday and Thursday as the day with really good open rates

As you can see, we have a pretty clear idea on what the ideal day is to send a newsletter. It’s been proven by all the studies conducted in recent years that Tuesday gets the highest open and click-through rates. There’s an explanation for that, of course: on Mondays, people are overwhelmed with obligations and they’re most likely not going to spend time reading emails that are not work-related. Tuesdays, though, bring a sense of relief – many of the week’s urgent tasks have been accomplished, and now your customers feel like they can take a few moments to relax and look at those great offers you sent them. Wednesdays tend to be dedicated to more professional deadlines, while Thursdays are right before Fridays, so people already enter the “weekend mode” and are more likely to be distracted from their daily schedule.

A good email list hygiene improves your deliverability and reduces your email bounce rate with up to 98 %!

Now let’s look at what the best hours are to send your email:

10 A.M.: it’s a winner, statistics show, followed by 11 A.M. People arrived at the office, and around this time, they’re probably having a quick coffee break.

8 P.M.: and later than that, until midnight. They finished their work and house chores, and are watching T.V. and checking their email one more time.

2 P.M.: apparently, it’s one of the hours with the highest open rates. Your customers may be on their lunch break, or just coming back from it, and are still relaxed enough to click on your email.

6 A.M.: millions of people are starting their day and guess what’s the first thing they do, while drinking their coffee? That’s right: they check their email!

Studies show that 23 % of subscribers open their emails within an hour after you send them. Remember this next time you schedule your campaign and send it 30 minutes before the peak time.

All this information is very helpful, but nothing will bring better results than conducting your own study. Use Google Analytics and take the time to observe your stats. If you haven’t been consistent with the days and times you send your emails, pick a day and look at it as a deadline when you plan your campaigns. See how they perform, then send your newsletter on a different day and compare the results. Keep testing until you get to know your audience well enough to satisfy their preferences.

An important fact to keep in mind when choosing the best time to click “Send:” open rates depend very much on what your content is. If you own a practical business, stick with the work days. On the other hand, if you run a magazine, a blog or you’re sending a great paragraph from your latest book, Sunday stands out as the preferred day for recreational info.


The sources used in this article were studies conducted or quoted by MailChimp, HubSpot, Experian, Coschedule and




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