Three Reasons Why You Should Use an Email Verification System

Three Reasons Why You Should Use an Email Verification System

Companies that want to stay on top of their game and make the most of their marketing campaigns are already using it, or are studying the market, as we speak, in search of the best solution available. Those who aren’t using it yet are missing out on a lot of advantages that email verification can provide. Also, they are in danger of being blacklisted and having their sending reputation significantly tarnished.

Today we are going to talk about three reasons why any marketer should use email validation, the process that cleans your email list and makes sure your marketing campaigns are reaching the right audience.

You can find out if the addresses you’ve gathered are valid

You may have an impressive email list, of (hundreds of) thousands of people. That’s a valuable asset, but only if the addresses in your database are entirely, or mostly, accurate and safe to send to. Also, you may be a highly skilled newsletter creator, and we bet you want to use those skills to boost your brand awareness and your revenue. But email deliverability is key to a successful campaign. If you have a lot of fake or abandoned email addresses in your list, that’s like having a very sharp arrow but no target to release it towards. Using an email validation service means you are ensuring that your message is delivered to your audience, not to bots or dead email accounts.

You will build and maintain a healthy sender reputation

There are many reasons why your emails can get marked as “Spam.” One of them is that subscribers may not remember they accepted to be added to your list and they feel like they are receiving communication they didn’t agree to. Another reason is that some email users will randomly mark emails as “Spam.” A good email verification system will tell you if you have that type of users in your list, by identifying their history and advising you to not send them any of your campaigns. Furthermore, a good email verifier will remove spam traps, toxic and catch-all domains from your database. This will help you build and maintain a good sender reputation and you will be able to land your emails into your customer’s inboxes.

You will save money

Every email your send costs you a certain amount of money, depending on the email service provider you use. MailChimp, for example, lets you send campaigns to a list of up to 2,000 subscribers. If your email list grows beyond that, you will be charged a fee to be allowed to send your emails. The more fake or dead addresses you have in your database, the more money you are losing. Having those bad addresses removed from your email list will thus save you money in the long run, apart from protecting your reputation.


If you’re looking for a great email validation service, you can try ZeroBounce for free today. Get your first 100 email addresses checked by a professional and discover how many fake accounts you have in your list!





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