How Do You Like Our New Blog Layout?

How Do You Like Our New Blog Layout?

Hello, friends of ZeroBounce!

You may have noticed by now we have a brand new blog layout. If you haven’t, here: we’re writing an article to tell you how excited we are to share this with you!

We started this blog at the end of September 2017. Since then, lots of coffee has been consumed for us to get the energy and inspiration to write three articles a week for you.

We’ve covered so many topics that we’re surprised we can still come up with new ones every other day! We revealed the benefits of email verification. We talked extensively about email marketing. We shared with you the latest studies and statistics in the industry and provided you with expert advice on how to write better.

So, what’s new? For starters, the blog’s layout has received a complete makeover! Thanks to our magician web designer, Catalin! Then, we created four different categories for you to be able to easily find the content you’re looking for.

Feel free to check them out:


Be A Better Marketer

Email Marketing

Email Verification

If you are interested in reading on a particular topic, just enter your keyword in the new search box at the top! You now also have the option to sign up for our weekly newsletter: no bull, just concise and helpful content!

We hope we are of service to you and, as always, let us know what you think!



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