Top 3 Tools Any Email Marketer Should Use

Top 3 Tools Any Email Marketer Should Use

How is your email marketing performing? We hope you’re getting great results! We know that many business owners who use this form of communication feel like there is room for improvement. If you are one of them, we gathered the top 3 tools that should leverage your campaigns and help you get the ROI you deserve from your email marketing. Here they are!

A graphic design tool

Whether we like it or not, visuals are essential in an email. Ignoring the aesthetics of a campaign is never a good idea. There are marketers out there who don’t use any images in their emails, and yet, they are very successful. They are the exceptions. Their name is so well-known, they feel like they don’t need to send their subscribers anything other than their copy. But a beautifully crafted image can catch your readers attention right away and boost your click-through rate. Some of the tools you can find online are free and offer incredible design opportunities, so feel free to experiment and find your own voice, visually speaking!

A reliable email checker

Apart from your email list, your reputation as an email sender is the most precious asset you own. Don’t allow it to be tarnished by spam traps, spam complaints, toxic domains or unknown users. Keep an eye on your email list and periodically remove all the dead and risky addresses by using an email verification system. With a tool like this, you will keep your email list clean and your reputation intact. Your emails will reach the inbox of your subscribers, which is what any marketer aims for.

A copywriting tool

You probably have a lot of writing to do. We hear you. Sometimes you may lack inspiration or, on the contrary, get a little too excited about the point you’re trying to make. That’s when your copy can become hard to read. A copywriting checker will point out what you can improve upon and the grammar mistakes you’ve made. It is a useful system you can use at all times, even when you are sure your copy is in great shape.

Learn more about email deliverability by reading our free Guide! Happy emailing!



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