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Are You Making These Email Mistakes?

If you’re wondering what people’s biggest email pet peeves are and how you can avoid the most annoying email mistakes, we have just the right answers for you.

Half of the word-wide population uses email, according to the latest Radicati report. We use it to communicate with friends and family. Also, we check our inboxes all the time to stay in touch within our office and with our business partners.

Besides that, we need email to register on any kind of online platform. Companies, too, use it extensively for marketing purposes. They reap the benefits of their campaigns, as email proves to be the greatest revenue generator nowadays. How can we make sure we’re using email the right way, though?

Liviu Tanase, on avoiding email mistakes

Rachel Weingarten, author at Ladders, did some research and wrote a great article on the topic. She also talked to ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase, who shares some of his best email tips.

As the founder of ZeroBounce and an expert in email deliverability, Liviu emphasized the importance of email list cleaning for companies that send newsletters and marketing campaigns.

Curious to read more? You can find the article here.

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