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Steph Taylor: “Email Is the Highest ROI Marketing Channel for my Business”

Steph Taylor says email marketing has the highest return on investment (ROI) for her business. How does she do it? The key is consistency. Read our exclusive interview to learn more.

I discovered Steph Taylor on Instagram, where she always shares useful digital marketing tips. Based in Brisbane, Australia, she makes marketing simple for small business owners through a variety of channels and products.

Steph uses courses, e-books and other resources to share her knowledge and expand her own brand. Also, she has a podcast called “Socialette” where she teaches her craft. But email marketing, she says, has the highest return on investment (ROI). We talked about that, and also asked her to give us some advice you can apply to your own business – and succeed.

Steph talks about email ROI

email marketing tips
Steph started her own digital marketing business a year and a half ago.
One of the things you mention on your website is that people don’t need to do everything in order to market their business. But for someone just starting out, what would you say they do need to do?

If you could only do ONE thing to market your business, I would recommend you focus on growing your email list.

Email marketing is free and it’s a platform you own. So, if Instagram or Facebook were to go belly up tomorrow, you’d still have a way to communicate with your audience.

Now, when I say you need to start with email marketing, I don’t JUST mean growing your list. I mean you need to nurture them as well, which means regularly emailing them. 

When did you start your podcast, “Socialette,” and how has it helped you grow your brand?

I launched it in May 2018 and it’s hands-down been the best thing I’ve done for my business.

In addition to being a great lead generator for my business, it’s opened up the door to speaking opportunities. Also, the podcast has been a way to meet new business owners and positioned me as an authority in the space. 

How much do you focus on growing your email list and how significant is the return?

For the most part, my email list grows itself organically now. Though, if I’m running a particular launch campaign, I’ll put some paid ads towards growing my email list as well.

Email is easily the highest ROI marketing channel for my business.

Most of my clients, course students and members were on my list for months before they purchased from me. And they likely wouldn’t have purchased if they hadn’t been hearing from me every single week. 

grow email list
Email marketing brings in the most revenue. Steph emails her list every week.
What’s your favorite email marketing trend right now?

Not sure if this is really a “trend” but I love personal emails. An email written as if it were a letter to the reader.

Too many people are doing the big “newsletter” style email, and it feels really impersonal. 

From your observations, what are companies mostly struggling with when it comes to email marketing? 

I find a lot of ecommerce businesses really struggle with what to send their subscribers. They feel like if they’re only sending sales-y emails, people will unsubscribe

What role do you think email verification plays in the great scheme of email marketing?

I think email verification is becoming more important, particularly as open rates are decreasing across the board. It can also save you money by making sure you’re not paying for extra contacts in your email marketing tool. 

email verification tools
“It’s not about the followers,” Steph says
It seems like your favorite social media platform is Instagram. How can we build a solid Instagram account?

It’s not about the followers! You’d much rather have 50 engaged, relevant followers than 50,000 who don’t care about who you are or what you do.

Instead of worrying about getting more followers, focus on showing up consistently for the right people.

That is, people who will buy from you or work with you one day. Tailor your content to these people and don’t let it throw you off if you lose a few of the wrong followers.

If you had to sum up a winning digital marketing strategy for a brand, how would it sound?

Start with the people first — who are your DREAM customers or clients? Focus everything on them, and you’ll find everything flows a lot easier. 

small business owners
The best marketing strategy? Focus on your dream customers.

Wait, there’s more! Mini Q&A on digital marketing

A brand email you always open: Smack Bang Designs.

Most powerful tactic to grow your email list: I still love Facebook Lead Ads.

Biggest social media no-no for brands: Making it all about your brand, and not about your audience.

Your favorite image creation tool: Creative Market.

Most useful digital marketing management tool you know: Airtable.

A podcast you recommend: Other than Socialette (I’m totally not biased!), I love James Wedmore’s podcast, Mind Your Business. 

Best-performing content offers, in your experience: Ones that give the reader a quick win of some sort.

What is something you never get tired of talking about? Launching! 

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Learn more about Steph Taylor

Steph Taylor is a digital marketing specialist who started her own business a year and a half ago. She developed a library of digital products and resources to help simplify marketing for small business owners. Hundreds of students have completed her courses on Email Marketing, Facebook ads and Instagram Marketing.

Also, Steph is the host of Socialette, a bite-sized podcast packed with actionable marketing advice.