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Let’s Talk About Email: Robert Balanescu

Want to get Robert to open your emails? Stay away from clickbaity subject lines. Instead, intrigue him with a good travel offer or a discount on nice sneakers.

Robert Balanescu is one of my colleagues from Customer Support. He lives and breathes email, so inviting him to talk about email was only a question of time.

Let’s talk about email with Robert!

The best email you received today:

The one where you were asking me to do this interview.

The last email you sent:

An offer request to rent a cozy lodge for a weekend.

The most intriguing subject line you’ve ever seen:

“The 10 best cities to live in and why.”

Your biggest email pet peeve:

Clickbaity subject lines. I ignore these on principle even if the content may actually interest me.

How often do you check your email?

I check my work email daily. My personal one? Not so often. Push notifications allow me to check it just when I need to. I’m very thankful for them.

The word or phrase you most use in your emails:

It has to be “Thank you in advance.” I feel like this is the most polite way to guilt someone into helping you as quick as they can. I love using it.

The best thing about sending an email newsletter:

Reaching out to your audience quickly and easily.

If you were to email any famous person, who would it be – and why?

Elon Musk, to thank him for pushing electric cars on the market 10-15 years earlier than all the fossil fuel car producing companies wanted to.

The newsletters you look forward to the most:

The ones about plane tickets or sneakers going on sale.

An email you wish you’d never sent:

A personalized offer to the wrong customer.

An email you’d be happy to get:

Petitions against animal abuse.

To inbox zero or to not inbox zero?

I’d love TO, but no… TO NOT. ?

No. 1 reason why you unsubscribe:

Clickbaity subjects.

Biggest no-no in an email campaign:

Not validating your list before you send.

The best way to grow your email list:

Go for quality, not quantity, and eventually you’ll see the number of subscribers go up, too.

One thing that should change about email:

One pet peeve of mine is how hard it is to create rules/filters for your inbox with most email providers. I feel like this should be as easy as Right Click – New Rule. It’s the reason I’ve always loved Outlook. Clean and easy to use interface.

A brand email you always open:

Calvin Klein.

What do you most love about email?

Its permanence. I use email for any information that I want to keep and that I can easily retrieve through a quick search. You can’t get that with calls or texts.

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