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Meet Our Team! Iris Iordanoiu: “I Would Use an Email Verifier Every Month”

How often would you use an email verifier? Our colleague Iris Iordanoiu says she would clean her email list every month. Also, in the interview below, she talks about her job and what sets ZeroBounce apart on the email verification market.

Meet Iris, one of the most proactive and energetic people in our Customer Support team!

What has always been important for you in a job?

I learned a long time ago that doing the same thing every day is not for me, as I’m happy to solve different problems at a fast pace. So the most important thing to me is to feel that my role is stimulating and challenging. I really love that our company is innovative and always evolving.

Secondly, I look for companies that make their employees feel valued and a core part of the team.

And finally, I always appreciate a healthy level of respect and trust. A positive workplace will create a sense of respect and trust amongst its employees.

It’s important that my coworkers can respect and trust me just as I trust them.

Every day at work is different and interesting. I’m one of the first people customers interact with when they discover our email verifier. I enjoy talking to them – every client is different and so are their needs. This is one of the things that make me love this job. It’s hard to get bored.

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How often do you use email?

The question should be when am I not using my email?

I somehow feel like I live in my email.

My inbox is the first thing I check when I wake up. Gone are the days that started with Facebook, Snapchat, and Insta.

Anyway, I do get notifications of new emails every time, because mobile phones have made it impossible for people to disconnect. Even if I get notifications, I still check my email every couple of hours and reply instantly to those that require immediate attention.

What are the most interesting things you’ve learned at ZeroBounce?

I’ve learned many interesting things at ZeroBounce, so it’s hard to pick only a few.

The most important aspect is that I’ve learned to work with the ZeroBounce system, as email verification was a relatively new topic for me. My knowledge on this subject has improved. I still learn new things about email verification and all its benefits.

I’ve bettered my conversational abilities and have also started to work harder and exceed my limits. The key is to be able to work smart, so I learned to maximize my skills.

If you could pick one trait that’s necessary for those working in Customer Support, what would it be?

Empathy is an important quality for everyone who lives within a society. This quality is indispensable to a person who interacts with people every day.

Empathy – or the ability to understand what the other one is going through – is more than necessary if we want to resolve an issue quickly. Not to mention that a client needs to feel understood and appreciated by the company’s representatives.

In the case of our email verifier, if a customer does not feel well treated by our team, they have two inevitable options: to choose a competitor and / or to spread negative information about the company whose representatives have inappropriately served him.

Any technical knowledge can be learned, while the psychological skills of communicating successfully are rather innate, being more difficult to assimilate.

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How do you handle a difficult situation that frustrates both the customer and you? 

You can handle a difficult situation by properly communicating with the client and being professional. For the customer to feel satisfied, I try to offer them more than they asked for.

I carefully observe their situation and show them that I care about the way they feel. This way I try to obtain information and think about solutions while doing that.

An email verifier may seem hard to understand. Being patient and explaining everything in detail is also very helpful when encountering a difficult situation.

How often would you validate your email list, if you had one?

They say 25 % of a list goes bad every year. Domains go bad, people leave their companies, old emails turn into spam traps, there’s a lot of reasons to verify your list often.

I would use an email verifier every month, to avoid the risk of poor email deliverability. I wouldn’t want my bounce rate to rise over 2%, which is the industry standard.

What’s the biggest myth about email verification?

When it comes to email verification, there can be a lot of myths regarding data protection and security.

One of the biggest myths I’ve encountered since I work at ZeroBounce is that we keep and use our clients’ email addresses. This is totally inaccurate.

Our email verifier is one of the most secure on the market. We never store or share our customers’ data with anyone.

Everything is transmitted securely and encrypted. In the case of the email verification API, we do not store the data at all. And of course, we are GDPR compliant.

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If you were a potential ZeroBounce customer, what’s the feature that would convince you to sign up for an account?

This is the hardest question of all, because there are a lot of features that deserve attention.

One of my favorites is the data append feature, meaning that ZeroBounce can append basic information – first name, last name, gender.

The data append feature is not something that every email verifier offers. In fact, there is no other product now on the market that offers what ZeroBounce does with the same accuracy and volume of appended data.

I couldn’t really pick between those two, so I have to mention the ZeroBounce A.I. Email Scoring System, too. This one is used for the further investigation of catch-all email addresses, and I think it is crucial when it comes to email validation.

But ZeroBounce has a lot of amazing features, each one of them is worth trying. I would sign up for an account to test all of them.

When you don’t help customers use our email verifier, what do you most like to do? 

When I’m not talking to people from all around the world about our email verifier, I still surround myself with people. That’s because I like to travel a lot and my plan is to finish visiting the whole continent of Europe within the next year. I really enjoy meeting new people all the time, getting to discover new aspects of their culture, the way they see things, the way they live.

In the past few years, traveling left me with a bunch of cool stories I always tell when I have the opportunity. It has helped me discover who I am and develop skills I never knew I had.

I also like to read travel blogs, listen to music, and sometimes I even cook. I love to try new recipes and never eat the same thing twice.

Finally, I’d like to say I’m a big animal lover. I have a dog, and she brightens up my day, every day!


Learn more about Iris by visiting her LinkedIn profile!