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Looking for an Email Marketing Platform? Meet Our New Partner, Campaigner

Want to help your emails shine – and bring in more sales? Pair ZeroBounce’s email deliverability tools with Campaigner’s email marketing platform. 

At ZeroBounce, we know how to clean and help you grow your email list.

But once you’ve got your list, you still need the right tools to build killer content and deliver your campaigns successfully.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Campaigner!

Campaigner is more than an email marketing platform

When you pair ZeroBounce with Campaigner’s email creation, workflow and 98% deliverability rate, you’ve got an unmatched email marketing duo in your corner.

Our combo provides you with an easy pathway to email marketing success. From email verification to email delivery, we’re here to help you convert subscribers into customers.

To celebrate – and to help you check out Campaigner – you can enjoy 20% off any Campaigner plan you choose!*

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Are you a ZeroBounce customer and want to try Campaigner? You’ll benefit from:

  • 24/7 support via phone, chat or email, regardless of plan cost.  Everyone gets constant and easy access to support.
  • Industry-leading deliverability and deliverability support. Campaigner’s postmaster team members have industry experience ranging from a minimum of 10 years to 20+ years.
  • Diverse and useful features: customers love Campaigner for its automation workflows and advanced segmentation capabilities 

“We’re excited about the partnership with ZeroBounce and the opportunity to drive value for their customers. Marketers can now use ZeroBounce to validate data and Campaigner to optimize inboxing and deliverability,” says Alaa Gedeon, SVP of Revenue for Campaigner.

Whether you’re a solo business owner with a smaller customer base or enterprise level sending billions of emails monthly, Campaigner has you covered. Scale isn’t an issue, and you get all the support you need to grow your audience – and your business.

“What we love about Campaigner is that it’s built with the end user in mind, which aligns so well with our own approach,” says Brian Minick, Chief Operating Officer at ZeroBounce.

“As a marketer or business owner, you always look for ways to make your workflows more efficient. Campaigner allows you to do just that – do more in less time and accomplish your marketing goals faster,” he adds.

Why use Campaigner just for email marketing? Add SMS to your channels

For busy marketers running campaigns on several channels, time is the most precious resource. Is your company investing efforts in SMS marketing, too?

With Campaigner, you can send emails and SMS from the same platform. The company launched SMS as a marketing channel in 2021 to give you another way to generate revenue – either standalone or in combination with email.  

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About Campaigner

Campaigner offers all the basic and advanced email features you need as a marketer, without the added expense of a marketing suite.  

With standout features like workflows, experiments, advanced segmentation and dynamic content, all built into an intuitive UI, you can create and send engaging, high-performing campaigns. To top it off, Campaigner has some of the industry’s most experienced deliverability experts working to ensure your campaigns reach your subscribers and customers.

Thousands of companies use Campaigner to send billions of marketing emails per year, with a 98% deliverability rate – one of the best in the industry. 

Capture by Campaigner: convert website visitors more easily

Campaigner’s latest feature, Capture by Campaigner,  allows you to automatically identify and engage anonymous website visitors to convert them into new leads, subscribers or customers.

Founded in 1999, when the internet and email were just beginning to reach the masses, Campaigner has helped thousands of businesses do more with email.

What to learn more about how it can help you

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* ZeroBounce is a referral partner of Campaigner and receives a referral fee for referred customers.