API Keys Management

The API Keys page is where you can manage API access to your ZeroBounce account. On the API Keys page you can create new API keys or you can edit or delete existing keys with the exception of the Master Key.

Add New API Key:

  1. To create a new API Key click on "+ Add Additional API Key" on the top left of the page

  2. Type in the name you wish to give the key and make sure to set the "active state" of the key to either yes or no. Once complete, click on the green check mark to create the key or the red x to cancel.

    After creating the key, your new key would be listed like in the example below.

Edit Key

  1. To edit your API key status, click on the pencil icon on the right (see example below). The master key is not editable

  2. On the edit mode, you will be able to change the name and active state of your API key. Once you are finished click on the green check mark to update or the red "x" to cancel your changes.

Generate New Key

  1. You can regenerate a new key to replace the current one.

  2. Click OK to process the changes or Cancel to exit

Delete Key

  1. Except for the Master key, you can delete the additional keys if they are no longer be used.

  2. Click OK to delete the selected key or Cancel to exit.


If you have reached the maximum number of allowed API Keys specified in your account, you will not be able to add any additional key