The Inbox Tester is used to check if your emails/newsletters will make it to your recipient’s inbox. This test will allow you to send an email to different mailbox providers around the world and quickly check to see the placement of that email.

We make available over 20 different mailbox providers, located around the world. This will help you understand how different mailbox providers handle your emails. When testing, if you send out a single email with a lot of To's and CC's addresses on it, it can be flagged as spam. Please send out multiple emails when testing with fewer To/CC's for better results.

It is really simple to get started:

  • Inbox Text name field within the inbox test deliverability tool
  • The multiple domains which the deliverability tool Inbox Test is performed against
  • Click ‘Create New Test’
  • Test Code that has to be copied in the sent email
  • Copy the newly generated email addresses and add them to a new mailing list in your email marketing service

    The test email addresses of the test domains

Once the test email has been sent, our recipient inboxes begin the status reporting of your email message.

Inbox Results

  • Result
  • Inbox
    Your email successfully reached the recipient’s inbox.
  • Missing
    When emails are missing it's usually a result of a mis-configuration of your mail server (Use our Email Server Tester to diagnose), a virus was detected, or your IP/Domain Name is being blacklisted.
  • SPAM
    When emails are marked spam, it's usually a result of the content or lack of content being sent, your IP hasn't been warmed up, or a mis-configuration of your mail server (Use our Email Server Tester to diagnose).