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How to Download and Interpret Your Validated Email List Email Validation Tutorial

Once the status of your file is "completed", just click on the file name. A new section including the options for the download will open below. Select what properties you want us to append on to your results. The results will be broken down into separate files based on the status of the email: Valid, Invalid, Catch-All, SpamTrap, Abuse, Do Not Mail, and Unknown (i.e. YOUR_UPLOADED_FILE_NAME_valid.csv, YOUR_UPLOADED_FILE_NAME_invalid.csv and so on). The original file you uploaded will be included to the results as well. The files will be compressed into a .zip file. If you enabled password protected downloads, the zip file will be encrypted and the password will be emailed to you.

Please visit our status codes documentation for a complete reference of all status and sub_status codes found in your downloaded files.


The zip file will contain the following data:

  • _abuse.csv- This file contains all identified emails that are likely to mark your emails as spam.
  • _all_results.csv- This file contains all the results.
  • _catch_all.csv- This file contains all emails that our system identified as a catch-all domain. (catch-all domains are domains that accept any email, however, we do not recommend to sending to catch-all domains because it's risky and can harm your IP reputation)
  • _donotmail.csv- This file contains all emails that are role-based, disposable, toxic, and possible spam trap email addresses and shouldn't be mailed to, look at the sub_status to determine the classification.
  • _invalid.csv- This file contains all emails that we identified as invalid.
  • _original.csv- This is the original file you uploaded.
  • _overview.pdf- This PDF contains of an executive summary of your results.
  • _spamtrap.csv- This file contains all emails that we identified as being spam traps.
  • _unknown.csv- This file contains all emails that we could not verify, this normally happens when the email server in question times-out or responds with a non RFC-compliant response.
  • _valid.csv- This file contains all the valid email addresses you should mail to.
  • _rejected.csv- This file contains all emails/rows that we rejected and didn't process, don't worry you weren't charged for these. We will reject duplicate emails, malformed emails, missing emails, and emails with non-ASCII characters. If this file does not appear in your download, nothing was rejected. You can see the counts of what was rejected by clicking the arrow next to the file name on the member's download screen.


When you download your results, it will be downloaded as an encrypted zip file, the password for the file will be sent to the email account you registered with. Please allow a few minutes for the password to arrive and make sure you check your spam/junk folders. If you do find it in your spam/junk folder, please mark it as"NOT SPAM", so it will land in your inbox on any new downloads.

Please note that every time you download the file, even the same file, it will have a different password.

In some rare cases, on older MAC OS X there are some decompression issues, you should follow the instructions from here, if you encounter this issue: Decompression Issues

We do this as an additional step in protecting your data. For example, if someone gains access to your ZeroBounce account, they won't be able to decrypt your data without also having access to your email.