These are the items that changed between v1 and v2.

  1. Disposable and Toxic emails have been moved under the do_not_mail status with the appropriate sub_status (toxic, disposable)

  2. The "DoNotMail" status was changed to "do_not_mail"

  3. All statuses are now lowercase, instead of mixed case.

  4. We added a free_email property to indicate if the email domain is a free email provider can be used for [fraud prevention].

  5. We added a domain_age_days property, to let you know how old the domain is [fraud prevention].

  6. We added the smtp_provider property for the email domain, this feature is in beta.

  7. We added the mx_found property, to let you know if the domain has an MX record

  8. We added the mx_record property, to tell you the preferred MX record of the domain.

  9. We added the did_you_mean property, which will be populated if a typo is detected with a suggested correction.

  10. apiKey property was changed to api_key

  11. IPAddress property was changed to ip_address

  12. The validatewithip method was removed, it's now part of the validate method

  13. The location property was removed (wasn't being used)

  14. The creation_date property was removed (wasn't being used)

  15. processedat property is now processed_at

  16. We added a new sub_status called "role_based_catch_all"

  17. We added three new API, sendfile, filestatus, and getfile for bulk email validation.