FAQ: Uploading Files

What file formats do you accept?

We accept .TXT , .XLS, .XLSX and .CSV files.

When you upload a file, be sure to select the right "File Delimiter" and to check the box, if your files contain a header row.

If you upload a multi-column CSV - You will be presented with a screen to match the columns with the data in it. We automatically detect what's in most columns and will pre-populate those columns for you.

It's important to match the column data type, because we use that information to help enhance your data. If you mark a column as "First Name" - we'll use that column to determine the gender of the Email.

If you mark a column as "IP Address" - we will use that data and tell you the location of that IP Address.

When you get your results back, you will have all your columns intact. We will append your columns to the CSV and they will be labelled as "ZB

When uploading a file, I'm getting the error "too many invalid emails found"

This can happen under a few different conditions:

  • If you upload a .CSV and you select the wrong column for the "Email Address"
  • If the column you selected for the email address has more than 20% malformed or blank email addresses.
  • If none of the above conditions apply to your file, click the "Leave a Message" button after performing a search in the HELP icon on the bottom right and supply us with a sample file to look at.

My file delimiter is missing, what do I do?

ZeroBounce.net accepts the most common file delimiters/separators, but there can be occasions where the file you want to validate has a different file delimiter than what's listed in our file delimiter drop down. We call these Custom Delimiters/separators.

What you can do is get a text editor. We recommend Notepad++, because it can handle large files and it's free to use. Open your file with Notepad++ and do a search (Your delimiter) and replace (With one of our accepted delimiters/separators). Save the file and attempt to re-upload it.

If you're still having problems uploading, click the "Leave a message" button under the "Help" icon after doing a basic search.

The results are not in the same order it was uploaded.

ZeroBounce uses a multi-threaded process to validate email addressesso we can get the results back to you as fast as possible. Some validations take longer than others, because of this, when you download the results, your data will not be in the same order you uploaded them.

If the order of the emails are important to you, we recommend creating a numbered column in your spread sheet. When you download your results, that column will be preserved and you can sort the rows by that column.