Email validation and data protection go hand in hand at ZeroBounce. It’s how we built our email verification platform from day one, and we will always stand by our standards.

ZeroBounce is using one of the best content delivery network systems in the world that is backed by Cloudflare. This leading-edge system provides clients with an Advanced DDOS and Advanced Firewall protection that gives another layer of defense to prevent cyberattacks and data breaches.

Apart from that, all files uploaded and downloaded on zerobounce.net are encrypted with military-grade encryption ciphers. This means your email lists, email validation results and all other data are protected at the highest levels.

What’s more, customer data is never stored in a database. When you delete your data, everything about your data is deleted and completely removed from our system; all aspects of the data are erased.

Your data isn't handled by any third-party companies or stored on third-party servers. We own our data center and we don't use Amazon, Azure, or other third-party providers that would add an extra layer of risk to your data.

Once you finish validating your email list, you can delete your results, and all other data, at any time. If you choose not to delete that data, ZeroBounce will automatically delete it within 30 days. We will notify you by email, in advance, to let you know when your data will be erased from our platform.