Do you need to change the email address associated with your ZeroBounce account?

First, please note that changing your email address also changes your login ID. Once your email is changed, you will receive an email at your current email address with a validation link that you must click for the change to take effect.

REMEMBER: Your new email will become your current login.

Now, let us guide you through the process!

  • Step 1:
    Click on "Account Options" on the left-hand menu. Then click on the "Email Settings" icon button.

    Account Option > Email Settings screen

  • Step 2:
    Choose the new email address you'd like to use when you login to your account. After you type it in, you can click on "Change Email."

    New email address form

  • Step 3:
    This message is going to appear on your screen:

  • Step 4:
    Go to your email, where you will find this message from us. Click on "Approve Change."

    Email Confirmation to change your email address

  • Step 5:

    Now you have to approve the change on your new email address, repeating step 4."

    Once you approve the change on your new email, we will confirm it and safely change your email address.

    Great Success! You have changed your log-in email address

  • Step 6:
    Now you can login with your new email address.

    Login with your new credentials

Need help changing your ZeroBounce email address? Our team is here to help – we’re available 24/7 to assist you. Get in touch.