Integrate ZeroBounce into Asana with Zapier

Asana Zapier Integration

Asana is a work management platform that helps teams stay organized and productive. A highly customizable tool, Asana allows you to keep track of your projects and work more efficiently.

To make sure your email contacts are valid, use Zapier to easily integrate the ZeroBounce email validator API into Asana. The API will verify every email address you're planning to use and prevent you from acquiring bad data.

Thanks to the most recent enhancements, the ZeroBounce email verification API covers more than 30 status and sub-status codes. Once you set it up, it runs silently in the background and makes your email communication better.

To get started, please visit our Documentation page below.

Of course, you'll need an active ZeroBounce account first. The "Get started for free" button below will take you to the registration page.


  • Trigger
  • New Task in Project
    Triggered when you add a new task to a project.
  • New User
    Triggered when you add a new user.
  • New Subtask
    Triggered when you add a new subtask.
  • New Project
    Triggered when you add a new project.
  • New Workspace / Organization
    Triggered when you add a new workspace / organization
  • New Team
    Triggered when you add a new team.
  • Completed Task in Project
    Triggered when a task within a project is marked as completed. Does not trigger on completed subtasks.
  • New Story
    Triggered when you add a new story.
  • New Tag Created
    Triggered when you create a new tag.
  • Updated Task in Project
    Triggered when a task in a project is updated.
  • Tag Added to Task
    Triggered when you add a tag to a task.


  • Actions
  • Create Story
    Adds a new story (a comment is a story)
  • Create Task
    Adds a new task
  • Create Project
    Adds a new project
  • Update Task
    Updates an existing Task
  • Validate Email
    Validates an email
  • Create Subtask
    Adds a subtask to an existing task
  • Attach File
    Attaches a File to a task
  • Add Task to Section of Project
    Adds a task to a section of a project
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Protect your reputation by reducing your bounce rate Remove bad emails to improve overall inbox delivery metrics 98% Accuracy Guaranteed
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Your data and privacy is important to you, which is why we protect it with military grade encryption. Our Data protection is so secure that it is even GDPR compliant.
Award Winning A.I.
ZeroBounce A.I. is an email scoring system that uses artificial intelligence to rate the value of an email address, letting you know how active this email address is on the web.
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