Integrate ZeroBounce into Klenty with Zapier

Klenty Zapier Integration

Do you rely on Klenty to boost your sales engagement and lead generation? Then you have to make sure you’re working with high-quality data, and ZeroBounce is here to take care of that.

Make the most of our Klenty integration via Zapier to collect only real email addresses and keep bounces at bay. Our email verification API has a fast response time and doesn’t allow misspelled, disposable and abuse emails to your list.

Follow the steps in our Documentation page below and you should be up and running in no time!


  • Trigger
  • On Start Cadence
    Triggers when a cadence is started in Klenty.
  • On Reply
    Triggers when a prospect replies to a cadence.
  • On Send Prospect
    Triggers when you send a Prospect from Klenty to Webhook.
  • On Bounce
    Triggers when a mail bounces.
  • On Cadence Completed
    Triggers when a cadence is completed with no replies received.
  • On Unsubscribe
    Triggers when a prospect unsubscribes.
  • On Open
    Triggers when a mail is opened by the prospect.
  • On Click
    Triggers when a link is clicked when an email is sent via klenty.


  • Actions
  • Stop All Mails to Prospect
    Stops all emails that are scheduled for the Prospect in Klenty.
  • Start Cadence
    Starts a cadence for the prospect in Klenty.
  • Add Prospect
    Creates a Prospect in Klenty.
  • Validate Email
    Validates an email.
  • Resume Cadence
    Resumes a paused Cadence for the Prospect in Klenty.
  • Unsubscribe Prospect
    Unsubscribe prospect from mails.
  • Update Prospect
    Updates an existing prospect in Klenty.
  • Stop Journey
    Stops any journeys that the prospect is part of in Klenty.
  • Update Prospect by Email
    Updates an existing prospect in Klenty by email.
  • Start Journey
    Starts a journey for the prospect in Klenty.
  • Stop Cadence
    Stops any cadence that the prospect is part of in Klenty.
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With our online email validation system, you will receive access to all of these services:

Guaranteed 98% Accuracy
Protect your reputation by reducing your bounce rate Remove bad emails to improve overall inbox delivery metrics 98% Accuracy Guaranteed
Military Grade Security
Your data and privacy is important to you, which is why we protect it with military grade encryption. Our Data protection is so secure that it is even GDPR compliant.
Award Winning A.I.
ZeroBounce A.I. is an email scoring system that uses artificial intelligence to rate the value of an email address, letting you know how active this email address is on the web.
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