ZeroBounce + Easy Sendy

Connect ZeroBounce to Easy Sendy

If your business is building an email marketing program, a tool like EasySendy can save you time and help you scale fast. And with the ZeroBounce – EasySendy integration, you'll maintain your email hygiene with just a few clicks.

EasySendy is an all-in-one hybrid email marketing platform helping small businesses around the world grow through email. With EasySendy, you have everything you need to build a successful email strategy – including our 99% accurate email list scrubbing service. Using it to clean email lists ensures you're taking the right steps to boost your email deliverability.

With EasySendy, you can create and customize beautiful email templates, do email warm-ups, design pop-up forms to gather email addresses, set up client permission and send newsletters and email campaigns.

What's more, EasySendy allows you to warm up your sending IPs, perform A/B tests and keep track of your metrics. For repeat customers, you can schedule autoresponders so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Why use the ZeroBounce – EasySendy integration

It's every marketer's goal to grow their email list, but are you making sure all your contacts are genuine? On average, almost a quarter of an email list becomes outdated and risky every year. In addition, a high bounce rate (exceeding 2%) can send your emails to the junk folder and prevent you from reaching your audience. So, sending your campaigns to healthy, clean email lists is a must if you care about your email deliverability.

Keeping bounces under control helps your sender's reputation and shows Internet service providers that you follow email marketing best practices. ZeroBounce's email list scrubbing API is your reliable ally in achieving this goal.

The ZeroBounce – EasySendy integration makes email validation quick and simple. While EasySendy helps you build your email list, ZeroBounce verifies every email address you add to it. Thus, your email hygiene is on point so your campaigns can arrive in your customers' inboxes.

How to clean email lists using the ZeroBounce – EasySendy integration

To start verifying email addresses within EasySendy, all you need is a ZeroBounce account with sufficient credits. Remember, one credit lets you check one email address. You get 100 free monthly credits – consider purchasing more if you expect consistent API calls.

Then, follow these steps to activate the ZeroBounce – EasySendy integration:

  • In your ZeroBounce account, grab your unique email validation API key. You'll need that key to verify email addresses in EasySendy.
  • Go to your EasySendy account. In the left menu, you'll see the Email Verification option. Click on it and choose Providers.
  • Choose ZeroBounce as your provider and enable it by clicking Yes.
  • Copy and paste your email validation API key, set up your preferences, and save your changes.

That's it! Once you connect ZeroBounce's API key to your EasySendy account, our email verifier will start checking every new lead before it gets added to your email list.

ZeroBounce's email scrubbing API works in real-time and detects 30 types of risky email addresses. To protect your email hygiene, it automatically rejects poor-quality data and even suggests corrections when users misspell their email addresses.

Get started today and automate your email validation with the ZeroBounce – EasySend integration.