Clean Your MailChimp Contact List And Avoid The Omnivore Error

Trying to maintain your email lists can be time-consuming and tedious. And MailChimp's Omnivore error can derail your email marketing. Keep your list clean, while abiding to Mailchimp's account guidelines. If you’re looking to integrate our API into your MailChimp account, or simply remove bounced emails, our system will do that and more. Use ZeroBounce to purge spam traps, toxic, invalid, and other harmful addresses from your lists.

Additional Benefits
Identify emails linked to users who predominantly mark emails as spam

Abuse Email List Checker

Our email list verifier can identify emails that have a history of marking emails as spam, thus improving the health and hygiene of your email list.

Identify the email users gender for better list segmentation

Email Gender Append

Our system identifies the gender of some emails in your list. As part of the email verification process, if you upload the list with first names, we append the gender. If you don't have names, and we find a name, we’ll append the gender.

Identify emails that are temporary accounts

Disposable Email Checker

Our software identifies temporary email accounts that are used to mask real email addresses. We run a thorough email list cleaning to weed them out.


Easy to use with MailChimp

This service is very easy to use in order to clean your mailing list. I'm a MailChimp user, and there was a direct integration into MailChimp.

I clicked a few buttons to export my list to ZeroBounce, it did its thing, and then exported the cleaned list back to MailChimp.

Simple, easy to use and effective.



Use the same email list validation service the pros use.

Remove bounced emails from your MailChimp contact list

ZeroBounce's MailChimp Validation Platform Will Improve Your Email Marketing Performance. 98%+ Accurate, 24/7 Support, Money-Back Guarantee. Proven Email Validation Technology.