As your company grows, so does your need for powerful tools that can support your expansion. Our Enterprise plans offer you just the perfect mix of capacity, simplicity, and automation – so you can save resources and thrive.


There are many things you need to juggle when running a large company, and we understand time is of the essence. One thing you won’t need to worry about is keeping your email databases up-to-date.

To accommodate our larger partners, we put together a set of exclusive benefits to help you scale and evolve with ease. Take a look at what you get access to once you activate your Enterprise Plans.

Designated Account Manager

When validating large batches of email addresses, you may need some guidance as to how you can make the most of our service. As soon as your Enterprise plan starts, we’ll assign one of our email validation experts to assist you. From discussing your technical needs to advising you on the ins and outs of the email verification process, your Account Manager will always be there for you.

Customer Solution Engineer

We strive to make email verification easy for you, and our platform allows you to clean your list in three easy steps: upload – validate – download. Should any complex issues arise, your Customer Solution engineer is hands-on. He or she knows our system in and out and is ready to troubleshoot any glitch. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Dedicated Customer Success Engineer

Let’s say you’ve validated your email list, got your results, and are ready to import your results back into your email service provider. Before you send a new email, take some time to understand your ZeroBounce report. If you’re not sure whether certain contacts are safe to use, your Customer Success engineer is there to answer any questions. He gathers feedback, shares it with the team, and together they offer the insight you need. Plus, you can reach out to your Customer Success engineer anytime to adjust your email verification strategy for the best results.

Pricing benefits

The more email addresses you verify, the less your pay for each validation – this is our overall pricing principle at ZeroBounce. However, companies that choose the Enterprise Plans receive unique pricing benefits. You validate a high number of contacts. Not only do we want you to enjoy your bonus services, but we work with you to find the most advantageous pricing plan for your business.

Custom agreements

We know how important is it for you to feel safe and protected while validating your email list with ZeroBounce. That’s why we take this mission seriously. Thanks to our custom agreements, you can rest assured that we protect your confidentiality.

SLA: 99.99% guaranteed uptime

When you have so many daily tasks to complete and goals to fulfill, you want to know you’re using the most reliable tools. With the ZeroBounce Service Level Agreement (SLA), you get 99.99% uptime on our email verification platform. You can count on us.

24/7 technical support

What customers love the most about ZeroBounce is the accuracy we guarantee on email validation. Their second favorite thing is that we offer 24/7 customer support. With the Enterprise Plans, all of your perks are accessible 24/7. Need your Account Manager or your Customer Success engineer? You can talk to them anytime and find a solution to any issue you may encounter while – or after – cleaning your list.

Email validation coaching

When it comes to email validation, even the savviest of email marketers run into unknown territory sometimes. Maybe you’re not sure what to do about the catch- all emails we discover in your list. Or perhaps you get some soft bounces and don’t know how to interpret the codes and how to handle them. Such situations can occur, and it gives you peace of mind knowing you have someone who will shed some light on these dilemmas. The Enterprise Plans come with free email validation coaching – just reach out and ask, we’ve got you covered.

Early BETA access to all new features

Just like you and your business, ZeroBounce is constantly evolving. We’re on a mission to perfect our service and offer you the best email validation and email deliverability platform. And you get to be a part of the journey.

Our developers and engineers are always working on a new product. As part of the Enterprise Plans, you get to test the BETA versions, share your feedback, and help us make ZeroBounce better for you. We grow together like we’ve been doing from day one.

Apart from all the above benefits, you have access to the features that make ZeroBounce a favorite of thousands of customers worldwide:

  • global content delivery network
  • unsurpassed data protection, with military-grade encryption on your files
  • our innovative A.I. email scoring and catch-all validation service
  • a powerful and reliable API that you can use either in bulk or in real time, for both email validation and email scoring
  • free deduplication: we remove duplicate email addresses from your database at no charge
  • email data appending: get missing information added to your list, such as your subscribers’ name, gender, and location.


If you’re on the fence about getting the Enterprise Plans, think about it this way: you could sign up for any of our subscriptions and enjoy all the great features ZeroBounce offers, at a set retail price. Or you could opt for a plan that gives you just what you need – and a bit more – at rates that are exclusive to you.

The Enterprise Plans are custom-made to provide you with all the tools and assistance you need, 365 days a year. Also, the enterprise-level features save you resources, allow you to delegate and automate, and help you increase productivity within your team. Finally, we can adjust your plan anytime to continuously support your growth.


If you’re ready to start an Enterprise account, or switch from your existing subscription, reach out to us today. An account manager will meet with you and discuss your monthly service expectations.