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Are fake or invalid email addresses leading to high bounce rates and lost sales?

Email marketing has the highest ROI potential in marketing. But you need to check if an email is valid or not to ensure your content reaches real customers.

Try the free email address verification tool to check an email address for validity. This online email verification check rapidly identifies invalid and high-risk emails so that you can avoid high email bounce rates.

Reduce high bounce rates and spam with an online email checker

Are your emails landing in the spam folder?

Sometimes, email content deserves to be marked as spam. Other times - spam placement and high bounce rates are due to invalid, risky emails.

If you’ve never performed an online email verification check, your email list likely contains invalid, outdated emails. People change email addresses, switch companies, get promotions, etc., which causes email list decay.

On top of this, you’re likely to pick up high-risk emails, such as spam traps, abuse emails and disposable emails, among several others. You always need to check to see if an email is valid before you click send.

The risk is exponentially higher if you do things like buy email lists. These lists get resold often and may contain fake email addresses to catch and block spammers. All of these factors make your emails more likely to hit the spam folder.

Take advantage of the free email verifier above to check an email address for validity in seconds!

What happens if I don’t use online email address verification?

Emailing an invalid email address leads to one thing - a bounced email. As you suffer from high email bounce rates, your sender reputation will decline and destroy your email deliverability.

It’s easy to mistake a “delivered” receipt as a sign of a successful email. However, poor email deliverability means that you’re likely reaching the spam folder, not the inbox. Better email deliverability means having a more substantial likelihood of reaching the inbox with each email.

Fake addresses can pop up for various reasons.

Some can amount to simple input errors like misspellings or incorrect email syntax. Other times, people use fake or fraudulent email addresses to protect their privacy but still access your content. Disposable email addresses are also a problem as they get by some email address verification tools at signup, just to expire shortly after.

The more fake, invalid emails your list has, the worse your email sender score.

The free email verifier and email checker helps you check email validity online so that you can remove invalid, high-risk emails from your list.

How ZeroBounce’s free email verifier for professionals can help

The free email checker and tester offer online email ID verification

Bulk email address verification - Get email authenticity verification for your existing email list. Use the free email checker to check an email address for validity at any time. ZeroBounce examines a sample of your list to let you know if you need additional email list cleaning.

Real-time email verification - Want to check email validity online automatically? Create a free account to use the email verification API, and check an email address for validity on your websites and registration forms. Reach a real subscriber every time.

Check email regularly to save and earn more

Email service providers often charge for the number of email addresses on your list. Using email authenticity verification helps you clean the junk out of your list so that you can save on storage costs.

If your email bounce rate climbs, or if your emails go to spam, you’re spending more for nothing. Online email address verification helps you reach real customers, boost your conversions, and increase your email marketing ROI.

Want 99% accurate email address verification?

Use real-time email verification and the bulk email checker to get ahead.

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Benefits of ZeroBounce’s free email verifier

No email marketer can afford a high spam placement or email bounce rate. The worse your email campaigns perform, the bigger the negative impact on your email sender reputation. Your online email verification check helps you examine each contact before you send it so that you can protect your email deliverability and email marketing ROI.

The benefits of an email address verification tool include:

Reduced email bounce rate and boosted mail inbox placement

What is the most common email marketing complaint? High bounce rates.

When you check an email address for validity, you weed out invalid emails that would otherwise bounce.

What’s more - real-time email verification stops invalid, risky emails from entering your list in the first place. Reduce bounce rates and avoid bad emails with ease.

A mail tester helps with high spam complaint rate

ZeroBounce’s email address validity checker finds abuse email accounts. These emails belong to subscribers who frequently flag messages as spam, causing spam complaint rates to climb.

When you check if an email address is valid, you’ll discover if it’s an abuse email so that you can delete it from your list.

Using a mail verifier improves email sender reputation

Your sender reputation, a score issued by internet service providers, directly impacts your email deliverability. The worse it is, the worse your email marketing performance will be.

Get rid of high bounce rates, spam traps, and other risky email issues; the free email verifier improves your email deliverability and keeps your sender reputation in good standing.

An email checker provides better email engagement

Open and clickthrough rates are essential to your email marketing performance. But email engagement also impacts your email deliverability and sender reputation. You can boost both with the free email verifier tool.

Once you use the email verifier for professionals, your bounce rate declines, and inbox placement improves, which means better engagement and higher conversion rates.

Email checkers keep lists clean for clear audience insights

The free email verifier doesn’t just delete the invalid data; it connects you with your actual customers. You’ll no longer have fake accounts or uninterested subscribers, skewing your campaign performance.

Plus - you’ll also gain customer data: the subscriber’s name, gender, and IP location (when available). You can segment your clean email list for laser-focused campaigns.

Remove duplicate emails with an email verifier

When you have thousands of emails, it’s easy to double up. The bigger problem? Cleaning the email twice or annoying the subscriber with duplicate emails.

The email address verification tool automatically removes duplicate email addresses. Save money on data storage and protect your sender reputation by reducing your risk of spam complaints.

Who uses ZeroBounce’s email verifier?

ZeroBounce serves more than 350,000 customers worldwide, made up of businesses of all sizes. Like you, they rely on email to engage with prospects and customers. No matter who you are - email authenticity verification is key to reaching your audience.

Marketers need a bulk email checker to improve email automation

Every email represents an investment of time, talent, and money. Copywriters work to craft the right message. Graphic designers develop art that inspires action.

Marketers deploy strategies to reach the right audience. But none of those efforts matter if the email is undeliverable or sent to spam.

Cleaning your email database allows you to get real, actionable insights to improve your automated email content. Use email address verification to eliminate bad data and make those campaigns work toward your email marketing goals.

Sales teams check email lists for reliable customer information

Proactively using email address verification tools supports your sales success. When your team knows who they’re contacting, they create a message that speaks to a real person. No more wasting time on dud leads and more time converting readers into paying customers.

B2B companies need an email verifier tester for a clean database

Finding and converting new leads in business-to-business marketing is challenging. It’s all the more reason you need to protect your sender reputation and email deliverability.

Don’t waste time on fake email addresses. ZeroBounce works with some of the biggest B2B companies around the globe to ensure they can check email validity online and deliver messages that yield results.

How professionals use our free email checker tool

Show how clean email list data boosts performance

Email verification technology improves your email marketing results - but only if it’s accurate. ZeroBounce guarantees 99% accurate results, giving you a trustworthy platform to build new email marketing plans. Use the free email checker to get a glimpse into how we can help you achieve your goals.

Grow your small business - improved automation and greater customer outreach

Entrepreneurs rely on connections. Check email validity online as you grow your reach. It’s the best way to ensure every email address leads to an actual customer without wasting your time and budget.

Email address lookups on social media

You found the perfect connection on LinkedIn. But - is their profile still valid? Check if the email address is valid using the free email verifier above, and we’ll let you know if it’s safe to email.

Keep an active list of PR editors

A public relations pro has no better than their digital Rolodex. So - is your current email list of contacts valid? Before reaching out, check the email address for validity with the free email verifier tool. Know if your pitch was sent to a real person - and increase your odds of hearing back.

Avoid syntax errors, email fraud, and blacklists

No one’s perfect, but even a simple typo can lead to adverse outcomes. Any time an invalid email address enters your list, your risk of reaching the spam folder increases.

What’s worse - spammers and spoofers prey on overconfident businesses that send email campaigns without monitoring their email lists and domains. Attackers have methods of sneaking harmful data into your database and preying upon your vulnerabilities. Serious mistakes or setbacks may place your company on an email blacklist.

The free email verifier helps you stay proactive with email list cleaning. Avoid emailing risky addresses and possible suspensions by including real-time email verification in your marketing repertoire.

The best email check and list cleaning starts with ZeroBounce

  • Get 100 free monthly email verifications

Want the best email verifier for professionals?

ZeroBounce offers two ways of getting started with the email checker and tester for more extensive email lists.

A monthly subscription lets you set your pace and automatically refresh your email verifier credits every 30 days. Starting at 2,000 email checks, you can scale as needed at any time.

Pay-as-you-go lets you avoid automated payments if you prefer your own email check and cleaning schedule. Purchase email verification credits as you need them and refill them when you’re ready.

Online email verification checks are necessary. But your payment plan flexes to whatever your business needs.

How is ZeroBounce better than other bulk email checkers?

ZeroBounce offers superior email validation compared to competitor services, with an industry-leading 99% accuracy. With that, we guarantee actual results, not a surplus of “unknown” emails that leave you no better off than where you started. We know the importance of connecting you with real customers, so we strive to deliver a superior online email verification check.

ZeroBounce also enhances your email checker experience by offering actionable insights regarding the person’s email behavior. Add Activity Data with the email address verification tool to determine which contacts are most likely to engage with your next campaign.

The email checker also teaches you more about your catch-all emails. These are company email addresses that initially served to catch emails sent to invalid addresses. Now - they’re often spam havens. ZeroBounce scores catch-all addresses to help you determine which are active and worth emailing.

Finally, ZeroBounce’s online email address verification provides military-grade data protection. The team can never view your uploaded data and supplies your email validation results with a one-time encryption key. Your email address verification results automatically expire after 30 days.

ZeroBounce is AICPA, SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA certified. The company also complies with state, national, and international compliances, including CCPA, GDPR, and India DPDP, providing universal security for all businesses.

Improve email deliverability with email address verification

The free email checker is always here when you need it. Your online email verification check includes all of the accuracy, security, and data enhancement features ZeroBounce provides.

But - if you want bulk and real-time email verification for enhanced email deliverability - we’re here to help.

Join ZeroBounce today for a superior email address verification tool by creating a free account. Free users get immediate access to 100 credits monthly to check email validity or score their email addresses.

And - if you need any assistance - we’re here for you 24/7.

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Frequently asked questions

The ZeroBounce email checker includes your own API key, allowing you to integrate our verifier service with your favorite platforms, websites and landing pages.

Depending on your email service, you can rapidly import your list for verification or check emails within their native platform. Check out our full list of supported integrations.

Our free email verifier tool will never cost you anything. Feel free to enter as many of your contacts’ email addresses as needed to find out which are valid or invalid.

If you want to check emails in bulk, fill in social data, discover Activity Data, score your most active contacts, or use our real-time API, you’ll need ZeroBounce credits. Every email address you need to check consumes one credit, and your purchased credits will never expire.

For anyone sending out email campaigns regularly, we recommend verifying your email contacts at least once a quarter (every 3-4 months). This helps you stay on top of any new leads you may obtain and identify previously valid addresses that are now unused or dormant.

If you use our email verification API, you may be able to extend your cleaning schedule to once every six months. A real-time email checker helps stop fake or fraudulent addresses like disposable emails at the gate so that they never enter your email database.

Email verification is the process of determining if an email address is valid and active or invalid.

Valid addresses exist and are currently in use on the associated email server. Invalid addresses do not exist or follow the incorrect email format.

No. Whenever you send an email message, the sending server first delivers an EHLO message. This is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) command that requests confirmation of the user identity on the recipient domain. Once it confirms the identity, it then delivers the message.

When verifying an email, the verification tool only sends the EHLO message.

An API (Application Programming Interface) is an integrated software that allows two applications to communicate. A real-time email checker API is an integration that allows you to verify emails as someone enters them into your sign-up forms.

Your email verification service should provide you with an API key so that you can install the email checker API on your website or landing pages. This proactively keeps email lists clean by blocking invalid addresses.

Yes. The email verifier identifies valid and invalid addresses, as well as other several risky email types, including spam traps.

You can boost your inbox placement with the following tactics:

  • Eliminate invalid, risky email addresses to keep bounce rate low
  • Get rid of known complainers to reduce your spam complaint rate
  • Remove inactive subscribers from your list
  • Keep a consistent sending schedule
  • Keep content on target
  • Avoid spammy words or overly-promotional content
  • Provide users with a way to unsubscribe

An email verifier, or email checker, detects the validity of an email address. It’s essential to use email checker tools like email verifiers to determine if your contacts are valid and safe to keep on your email list. Any invalid email addresses are nonexistent or outdated and will result in a bounce. An email verifier protects you from bounces and preserves your sender reputation.

You can check to see if an email is valid by using a bulk email checker or real-time email verification. The service uses a series of syntax-related and SMTP checks to determine if the email address is correctly formed and actively in use. If the email address passes the email verification checks, it’s classified as a valid email.

There are a variety of techniques you can use to check the validity of an email address. However, an email address verification tool is the simplest and most effective method.

Professional email address verification services offer single email verification, bulk email verification, and real-time email verification via an API connection. All you need to do is provide an email address, and the email validation service will determine if it’s valid or invalid within seconds.

Email verification involves a series of checks to determine the validity of an email address. These checks include the following:

• A syntax check (determines if there are typos or malformed characters)
• DNS record check (must contain a valid MX or A-Type record)
• Spam trap check (checks the address for known spam signatures)
• SMTP check (looks for a response from the email domain)

If the email address fails any of these checks, it’s invalid. If it passes each check, it will undergo additional testing to determine if it has other outstanding issues. The email address may be valid, but it may also be an abuse email, on a global suppression list, from a disposable domain, or a catch-all email.

If the email address falls into any of the categories mentioned above, it’s classified as such. If it passes all additional checks, the email address can be deemed valid.

Real-time verification is a process to check the validity of an email address as it’s entered into a field. The email verifier determines if the address is valid and accepts or rejects the data based on the email verification results.

Real-time email verification is most commonly used via an API connection between an email validation service and another platform. For example, websites typically use real-time email verification on their newsletter signup and registration forms to block invalid email addresses from being submitted.

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