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Take back your email reputation and supercharge your email marketing with ZeroBounce email management APIs. Whether you need to automate your email cleaning, obtain deep audience insights, or discover new addresses for cold email outreach, we’re with you at every step.

ZeroBounce - there’s no better way to zero bounces.

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ZeroBounce email API solutions

Email validation API

Harness the power of ZeroBounce’s guaranteed 99% accurate email validation. Install the email verification API to your preferred system, platform, and website and start validating emails automatically.

Available in 13 languages, including PHP, iOS, Scala, Javascript, and more.

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Email Finder API

Meet the only email finder that promises a valid email address. Take advantage of our easy-to-install Email Finder API and customize how you process lead data to supercharge your email discovery.

Available in 13 languages, including PHP, iOS, Scala, Javascript, and more.

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Discover more email management APIs

Whether you want to discover new email contacts or supercharge your email marketing, ZeroBounce's comprehensive email APIs cover ever step of the journey.

Locate your most active contacts

Want to take advantage of our Activity Data service when validating emails? Our Activity Data API endpoints let you append activity history for your contacts automatically. Just set up the API, and we’ll handle the rest.

  • Takes seconds to install
  • Improves campaign performance
  • Helps you identify active subscribers
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Get a snapshot of total list health

Our free list evaluator API allows anyone to automatically get a snapshot of their email list health from anywhere. Set up the ZeroBounce API service anywhere you store email contacts, and we’ll give you a picture of your email list health based on a sample of your contacts at no cost.

  • Free email list assessment
  • Helps optimize your cleaning schedule
  • No limits to email list size
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Get in-depth email insights

Harness the power of ZeroBounce’s AI Email Scoring. Email Scoring uses artificial intelligence to provide the in-depth insights you need about each subscriber on your list. This information lets you know who’s actively engaging with their inbox, so that you can target your campaigns for better results

  • Automate your email scoring
  • Get deep insights about your list
  • Boost your campaign conversions
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Additional resources

API wrappers

Are you looking to use ZeroBounce API services for a language not seen here? Check out our API wrappers/SDKs to help streamline the process of making your API calls.

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API migration

Switching over from another company’s API service? Check out our detailed API migration guide and learn how to reconfigure your existing API setup to work with ZeroBounce quickly.

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Why choose ZeroBounce API services?

ZeroBounce email service APIs are unmatched thanks to our guaranteed 99% accuracy, letting you search for and validate emails without fear. Try our API today and discover why we’re the email management API for 350,000+ clients worldwide!

ZeroBounce API benefits

99% accuracy guarantee

Valid email discovery

Code samples in 13 languages

API wrappers /SDKs available

Complete documentation

24/7 customer support

Military-grade API security and privacy

Getting started with email service APIs

To get started with ZeroBounce API services, create your free account today! We’ll provide you with your unique API key, and you can make more from your account settings.

All free accounts come with the following benefits:


Email Verification Credits


Email Finder Queries


Email Inbox Placement Test


Email Server Test


Blacklist Monitor scanned every 24 hours

All credits, queries, tests, and monitors replenish monthly!

Frequently asked questions about email service APIs

API stands for application programming interface, which allows two programs or platforms to communicate. Installing an API on another program enables users to take advantage of certain features or services from their preferred program or platform.

Email management APIs include various tools that help users manage their email lists and campaigns. These tools will assist you in doing everything from cleaning your email list to optimizing your campaigns to discovering new, valid email addresses.

Yes. The ZeroBounce API is available in various programming languages, making it easily compatible with many platforms and popular website creation tools. We also provide predefined code samples, making copying and pasting the code and your API key easy.

ZeroBounce API services are free to set up and install. You only need a free ZeroBounce account to create and obtain an API key. However, after using your free account benefits, you must ensure your account has enough credits or queries to get results from future API calls successfully.

ZeroBounce’s email service APIs include the following:

  • Real-time email validation
  • Bulk email validation
  • Email Finder
  • Bulk Email Finder
  • AI email scoring
  • Activity Data
  • List evaluator

Certainly! ZeroBounce’s support team is available 24/7 by live chat or phone. Our experts can assist you with learning more about the ZeroBounce API, guide you through installation, and work with you to troubleshoot error codes.