Target your most active email subscribers

Boost your metrics and sales by discovering active subscribers and target them with your newsletters and campaigns. Once you’ve used our email verifier, add this extra data to your list to get more out of your email marketing and sales.

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How Activity Data Works

Whether people open, click, forward or unsubscribe, this is the audience you have a real chance to reach with your emails. How do you know who they are? ZeroBounce Activity Data can help.

We built this feature to give you more insights into your lists and show you which of your subscribers have engaged with an email by either opening, clicking, forwarding, or unsubscribing.

While Activity Data doesn’t tell you what action they took, it does tell you if they had any email activity in the past 30, 60, 90, 180 or 365 days. ZeroBounce uses interaction data from our scoring partners. We perform this matching process in-house, through our infrastructure, and never transfer or share your data with any third parties.

Get Activity Data on Your List in 3 Simple Steps

Validate your email list

It wouldn’t make much sense for you to get Activity Data on a messy email list. So, first upload your database and allow our email validator to weed out bad contacts. That way you can start on the right foot.

Tick that box

When your list is ready, check the Activity Data box before downloading your results. We’ll scan your contacts and let you know if activity was detected. Then, we’ll add that data to your list to make it even better!

Discover your results

Download your file and see how many valid contacts you have and which subscribers have been active in the past 30, 60, 90, 180 or 365 days. You’ll discover these results in the “Last Known Activity” column.

Use credits for Activity Data or our email verification service

1 credit per email address per service. It’s that simple!

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Did you download your list without adding Activity Data?

No worries, you can still get it! If you downloaded your email list without adding data to it, you can always change your mind. Just download your list again – only this time make sure to tick the Activity Data box. Also, remember to download your results within 30 days, as ZeroBounce will not store your data longer than that.

Want your results in real time? Use the Activity Data API.

Activity Data also has an API endpoint, so you can uncover this data in real time. For best results, pair it with our email validation API and enrich your list as you go.

Need access to the API? Please visit our documentation page.

How to make the most of your Activity Data results

  • People who ignore emails: we all have them on our lists. They’re not just difficult to convert but also, they drag you down by affecting your sender reputation. The engagement you get – opens, clicks, replies, forwards – is a critical signal for inbox providers. The higher these metrics are, the better your deliverability.
  • Adding Activity Data to your toolkit allows you to segment your most active subscribers and nurture them with highly personalized campaigns. Also, you can target inactive subscribers with a re-engagement email to pique their interest. With this insight in hand, you’ll be able to improve your email list performance and focus on your best prospects.

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