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  • 100 free monthly validations
  • Detailed Status Codes
  • Activity Data
    Activity Data
  • IP Address Geo Location
  • Multiple API Keys
  • Inbox Placement Test
  • Email Server Test
  • Blacklist monitor
  • 18 Validation Tools
  • Email Score
    Email Score

Starter Package

  • 50Inbox Tests
  • 50Mail Server Tests
  • 10Blacklist Monitors
    Scan every 12 hours
$39 / mo USD

Pro Package

  • 500Inbox Tests
  • 500Mail Server Tests
  • 50Blacklist Monitors
    Scan every 8 hours
$249 / mo USD

Enterprise Package

  • UnlimitedInbox Tests
  • UnlimitedMail Server Tests
  • 500Blacklist Monitors
    Scan every 4 hours

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Frequently Asked Questions

Credits are tokens you use for validating and scoring email addresses. You need one credit per email address to use our email validation service – in bulk or in real time. The same goes for our A.I. email scoring service: one credit will allow you to score one email address.

Never. All the credits you purchase or receive for free as part of a promotional campaign will always be available in your account. You can use them anytime you want.

No, we will never charge you for “unknown” results. For various reasons, sometimes we’re unable to verify an email address. That’s when you’ll get an “unknown” result. Most often, those email addresses are risky, but we won’t charge you for checking them, nor will we charge you for removing duplicate email addresses from your list.

Our Pay as You Go option starts at $16 USD for validating 2,000 email addresses. It’s our minimum purchase. You can add on credits as you need.

Our subscriptions start at $15 USD a month. Depending on how many emails you need to validate, a subscription can save you up to 18% every month. Also, unused credits roll over each month. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

It depends on how many email addresses you have. To give you an idea, ZeroBounce cleans 100,000 email addresses in 45 minutes.

No, we never store your data in our system for more than 30 days. All your data and aspects of your data are erased 30 days after you upload your file, unless you choose to delete it before that. Also, the information you share with us for payment purposes is encrypted.

Several aspects make ZeroBounce stand out. Our guaranteed 99% accuracy, military-grade secure system, and 24/7 customer support are just three of them. What’s more, ZeroBounce has evolved into more than an email validation platform. With the addition of our Deliverability Toolkit, you can now verify and enhance your email list, and access all the tools you need to boost your inbox placement.

ZeroBounce offers several different services. We charge separately for each. Our email validation, email scoring and Activity Data services all operate with credits. For each service, we charge 1 credit per email address.

To validate an email address, you will need 1 credit. To score an email address, you’ll need 1 credit. To add activity Data to your contacts, you’ll need 1 credit. So, if you’d like to validate, score and add activity data to one email address, that will be 3 credits.

ZeroBounce does not charge credits for removing a duplicate email address, or if the email verification status is “unknown.”

When you’re ready to download your email validation results, ZeroBounce will let you know how many of your contacts it matched with activity data. Downloading that additional data is optional and will cost you 1 credit per email address. ZeroBounce cannot provide this data before the email validation process. Hence, you’ll see how many credits you need for Activity Data only after you validated your email list.

Once you download your email validation results, you can further investigate the validity of your catch-all emails by using our email scoring service. For each catch-all email you score, ZeroBounce will charge 1 credit. Email scoring is also an optional service.

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