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Clean your email list fast and keep your subscribers up to date with ZeroBounce email validation. Upload your email list with our bulk upload tool, verify emails in real-time with the API, or integrate with 40+ third-party platforms.

Get rid of invalid emails with 99% guaranteed accuracy, lower your email bounce rate, and hit the inbox reliably.

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Whether you just need a one-time email list cleaning or regular monthly assistance, ZeroBounce has you covered. When you sign up for a free account, you can use all ZeroBounce email services, including email list cleaning, Email Finder, email testing, and more.

Every ZeroBounce account includes


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Blacklist Monitor scanned every 24 hours

All credits, queries, tests, and monitors replenish monthly!

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Frequently asked questions

ZeroBounce offers a complete suite of email services, including the following: bulk email list cleaning, email verification, email finder, Activity Data, scoring, email testing tools and blacklist monitoring. The ZeroBounce email services platform assists you at every step, from cleaning your email database to boosting your email marketing metrics and monitors to safeguard your sender reputation.

ZeroBounce offers the most complete and accurate email verification with a 99% guaranteed accuracy rating. Additionally, the email verifier detects more than 30 types of email statuses and sub-statuses. In contrast, many other email verifiers boasting high accuracy leave you with more unknown results and unverified catch-all email addresses. Finally, ZeroBounce offers industry-leading data protection and privacy, including GDPR and HIPAA compliance, along with SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications.

ZeroBounce ensures data protection and privacy by complying with EU GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, Data Privacy Framework (DPF), and India Digital Personal Data Protection. Additionally, ZeroBounce is AICPA SOC 2, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 27001 certified. The security and compliance team works closely with reputable cybersecurity partners to assist with risk management, penetration testing, and identity protection and automatically deletes all files after 30 days.

ZeroBounce email verification is 99% accurate with a full money-back guarantee. ZeroBounce’s ability to successfully identify more than 30 email types, including abuse emails and spam traps, further supports the accuracy. Users can also leverage the email scoring service to gain deeper insights into catch-all emails, leaving you with far fewer unknown results than any competitor.

On average, it takes about 45 minutes to clean an email list of 100,000 contacts. All you need to do is upload your list via your dashboard or the iOS app, and we’ll send you an automated notification when your email list cleaning is complete.

Customers can use ZeroBounce email services with a pay-as-you-go plan or a monthly subscription - no contract required. Pay-as-you-go offers begin at $20.00 for 2,000 email verifications, while subscriptions start at $18.00/month.

Email deliverability toolkits (including Email Finder, email testing tools, and blacklist monitoring) begin at $49/month. Finally, customers can also create their own custom toolkit pricing by choosing the specific email services their company needs.

ZeroBounce offers a free tier, which includes access to all ZeroBounce email services. The free plan consists of the following benefits:

• 100 email verification credits

• 10 Email Finder queries

• 1 inbox placement test

• 1 email server test

• 1 blacklist monitor scan every 24 hours

Additionally - the free tier features replenish monthly at zero cost.

ZeroBounce provides a user-friendly, easy-to-install API for the following email services: single and bulk email verification, single and bulk Email Finder queries, Activity Data, email scoring, and the free list evaluator.

Enterprise pricing plans are available by request. Our sales and support team will work to provide your company with the perfect email service plan for the specific tools and email verification credits you require.

Yes - ZeroBounce fully complies with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and other data protection regulations. In addition, we consistently self-assess and work to renew our SOC 2, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 27001 certifications to protect your data. Visit our security page for a complete rundown of all ZeroBounce security and privacy features.

If your email verification results contain any incorrect results, we encourage you to contact our support team immediately. We’re available 24/7 and will conduct an investigation and provide a solution to obtain the proper results. Additionally, we guarantee all email verification results so you can confidently use ZeroBounce.

Yes - you can verify email addresses in real time by installing our user-friendly API to your website, landing page, or anywhere you collect email registrations. Whenever a visitor enters their email address, the API will call ZeroBounce email verification services, verify the email, and provide a result. If the email is invalid or high-risk, we will block the user from registering until they provide a valid email.

ZeroBounce email validation successfully detects temporary or disposable email addresses and other invalid and high-risk ones. The ZeroBounce email verifier offers a 99% accuracy guarantee.

We recommend verifying your email list at least once per quarter. On average, all email lists decay by 23% annually, and cleaning your email list every few months will help you proactively delete expired emails. If your company benefits from exceptionally high email list growth, you can benefit from cleaning your list more frequently. Installing an email verification API can help mitigate problems by detecting invalid emails in real time.

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