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ZeroBounce’s real-time Email Finder API allows you to find emails by domain or name automatically. Add the API wherever you store contacts, and start searching today!

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*Free account signup required. All users get 10 free Email Finder queries monthly.

Why choose ZeroBounce’s Email Finder API

Get accurate, validated emails

ZeroBounce’s email discovery API is the only Email Finder that provides you with valid emails. Every search occurs in real time and undergoes our robust email validation process to test possible patterns until you get a valid result.

Never pay for unknown results

Our email search API continues testing and validating possible patterns until it discovers a valid email address. If no valid address exists, we’ll let you know the cause (domain is disposable, a spam trap, contains an unroutable IP, etc.). For truly unknown results, you’ll never pay a credit.

Search with minimal data points

Our domain-based email API lets you search for possible email address patterns with just a list of domains. We’ll provide you with a confidence score for each pattern so that you can plug in names for that domain as you go. Add names to your Email Finder API search for even more accurate, validated results.

How Email Finder API works

Email Finder API features

Domain-based Email Finder API

Gather a list of email and company domains to start your next email search. The bulk email lookup API will look for and test possible domain patterns and provide you with the address structures most likely in use.

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Name-based Email Finder API

Our API for retrieving emails lets you enhance your results by adding names to your domain search. The API uses the name in possible patterns and tests each address until it returns a valid email address.

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Bulk email lookup API

Don’t waste time searching one by one. Add our API anywhere you store contacts and use Email Finder to discover valid addresses in bulk. You can also automate searching new emails as you add more contacts to your database.

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99% accurate Email validation

While many email lookup API tools merely guess possible patterns, the ZeroBounce real-time Email Finder API tests those patterns until it yields a valid email address. All searches start fresh, and we never use any stored or processed customer data from email validation.

Confidence scores

Need confidence in your results? We’ll add our confidence score to each pattern detected by our domain-based email finder API to let you know how likely different email structures are to be in use. Take advantage of the enhanced data to reach more inboxes and keep your bounce rates low.

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Frequently asked questions about Email Finder API

An email finder API is an application programming interface that allows your preferred database or CRM to communicate with the ZeroBounce platform to conduct email searches. You can use the Email Finder tool from anywhere by adding the API code to your preferred location and your ZeroBounce API key.

The domain-based email finder API uses a list of email and company domains to search for possible email address patterns used by that domain. Your results will include several possible patterns and a confidence score indicating how likely that pattern is currently in use.

A name-based email finder API uses a person’s name along with their company domain for a more in-depth email finder search. By testing the person’s name with possible email domain patterns, ZeroBounce can validate different email addresses until it discovers a valid result.

To set up the ZeroBounce Email Finder API, you must add the API code to your website, or anywhere you store your contact data. When submitting a request, you must also add your unique ZeroBounce API key to connect with the ZeroBounce servers successfully. You can learn more about setting up the email search API by visiting our documentation.

The Email Finder API is free. However, you will need at least 20 credits to cover each valid result to perform an Email Finder search. Alternatively, you can subscribe to one of our monthly email deliverability toolkit plans, which includes Email Finder queries, inbox placement tests, email server tests, and blacklist monitoring.

Yes - the ZeroBounce Email Finder API allows you to send and retrieve files containing bulk names, domains, and email addresses.

No. All ZeroBounce Email Finder API searches and email validation occur in real time. We will never use stored or processed customer data from email validation to assist in email finder search results.

Making new email connections is easy with ZeroBounce

  • Get 100 free ZeroBounce credits monthly
    *20 credits per valid email result via Email Finder
    **1 credit per spam trap or suppression result domain