Block Bad Signups with the Real-Time Email Validation API

An unprotected signup form leaves your business vulnerable to fake or even harmful data entries that jeopardize your security. With a real-time email validation API, ZeroBounce automatically detects invalid and high-risk data and blocks it from ever entering your email and user database.

Verify Email Addresses on your Web Forms in Real-Time


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ZeroBounce email API service features

Batch/Bulk email verification
Single email validation
Custom allowlists and blocklists
Bulk file management
Tracking API usage
Retrieve credit balance
Batch endpoint docs

Batch/Bulk email verification

The batch API endpoint allows you to batch up to 200 emails for cleaning simultaneously, with the ability to run up to 5 uses per minute. Get results in up to 70 seconds for each email address.

Getting started with the email verifier API

Using our email address checker API is easy. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Create your ZeroBounce account today - Free users get 100 free monthly email verification credits and 10 Email Finder queries.
  2. Get your API key - From your user-friendly dashboard, head over to API and grab your API key. You can generate up to 5 API keys.
  3. Connect your apps - Follow our user-friendly how-to docs to set up your preferred endpoints using languages like Javascript, PHP, Kottlin, and more.

Seamless API integration with popular platforms

ZeroBounce’s list of native integrations now includes more than 50 global platforms. Take advantage of our email validation and Email Finder API with ease by adding your API key to CRMs and marketing platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Shopify, and more!

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Frequently asked questions about our email API

You can manually or automatically validate email addresses individually or in bulk by installing the ZeroBounce email verifier API.

Once you create an account and obtain your API key, you can add our API to your favorite apps, platforms, websites, or landing pages via one of our supported languages. Then, call our API, and our email validator will validate your email addresses.

Learn more about how to install the API with our documentation.

Email verification API (Application Programming Interface) is a tool that allows you to use a service’s email verifier externally on your favorite apps and platforms. Integrating the API will enable you to upload your email list for verification or automatically check emails entered into your website registration forms.

An email API is a technology that allows other developers to submit and retrieve data and services from an external provider. Adding the email API to your preferred app or platform lets you enjoy the service’s benefits without leaving your preferred workspace.

No. The ZeroBounce email validation API uses the same verification credits you would use through our dashboard. API users will need a ZeroBounce account to obtain an API key and purchase credits for validation.

The batch email validator endpoint allows you to send up to 200 emails with a rate limit of 5 uses per minute. The single email validator and bulk file management endpoints feature no rate limit on the number of emails, files, or file sizes you may send.

The email verification API supports PHP for all endpoints. ZeroBounce users can leverage PHP for their bulk email verifier script, along with 16 total languages.

The email verification API currently supports the following languages:

• iOS
• Scala
• Rust
• Ruby
• Python
• Pascal
• Delphi
• Java
• Javascript
• Node
• C#
• Android(Kotlin)
• Go
• C
• C++