Email Validation for SMBs

Boost email engagement rates and improve email campaigns for small businesses

Email validation gives companies reliable data to meet new customers, drive performance, and increase sales. ZeroBounce provides email deliverability for SMBs and 99% accurate email validation - no matter your email list size.

Every account includes 100 free monthly email verifications.

Also included - free Email Finder queries, email testing, and more

Military-grade privacy and security

24 billion emails validated and counting

Why SMBs trust ZeroBounce for email validation

99% accurate email validation for SMBs

Easy-to-use email deliverability and server testing

Sender reputation monitoring

Reduce bounce rates for SMB

Block fake form signups

Convenient Pay-as-you-go options built to scale

Customizable email deliverability packages

Cancel at any time

Free monthly benefits

24/7 customer support

Key benefits of ZeroBounce for SMBs

How ZeroBounce improves email campaigns for small businesses

Don’t take our word for it. Check out these case studies of SMBs like yours and see how ZeroBounce successfully reduces bounce rates for SMBs.

ImageSource successfully reduces bounce rates

ImageSource, a B2B sales SMB with about 200 employees, struggled with email marketing, primarily due to high bounce rates. Here’s the result.

Want to learn how this SMB lowered its email bounce rate? Check out the official case study!

See the ImageSource case study

MediaShares reclaims its suspended email account

This California-based SMB also struggled with high email bounce rates and deliverability. It cost them their ability to send emails as their ESP suspended their account.

MediaShares CEO Gene Massey had this to say after using ZeroBounce:

"Using ZeroBounce we have almost a zero bounce rate. I guess that’s why you call it ‘ZeroBounce’!"

Read the MediaShares case study

Hear from more SMB business owners and email marketers

"I had been using a competitor with mixed results and decided to try ZeroBounce."

"Gabriel at Customer Support patiently guided me through the onboarding process and helped me choose the package that best suited my needs. I ran my first scrub on a list that I had previously scrubbed using my prior service. The results were substantially more complete, came through at twice the speed and the catch-all scoring process allowed me to gain substantially more valid records than what I had been used to in the past."

Paul N

Small Business (50 or fewer employees)

"It’s great to have confidence in our email lists."

"It’s very simple to use and the Customer Support is extremely helpful in clarifying any questions that we have. The end result is that our email lists are clean and clear. Also, the implementation and integration are very easy and straightforward, with nothing tricky."

Andrew P.

Small Business (50 or fewer employees)

"Awesome bulk email validation tool"

"ZeroBounce makes a separate list of valid emails and sends them to you. Their support has been great. The integrations and APIs are a big plus, and the platform is easy to use. Overall; I’ve had an excellent experience."

Sunny K.

Marketing Manager - Small Business (50 or fewer employees)

Unrivaled email validation for SMBs

ZeroBounce doesn’t just enhance email deliverability for SMBs, it helps you achieve real email ROI.

Try it free today! Create your account and get immediate access to

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Test email validation, Scoring, and Activity Data

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! ZeroBounce’s email validation is reliable and easy to use for any business in any industry. You can easily upload or import your email lists and get 99% accurate results fast. And, as your SMB’s email list grows, ZeroBounce’s email validation is built to scale, so that you don’t have to wait long for valid results.

Yes. By using email validation to detect invalid or fake email addresses, ZeroBounce removes them from your email list. When your email list contains real, valid data, your emails are guaranteed to reach a real mailbox, which allows your email bounce rate to remain low.

ZeroBounce can enhance sender reputation for SMBs by using a variety of tools and services:

• Email validation - Rids your list of invalid data that leads to bounces
• Email Scoring and Activity Data - Identifies high-quality, active subscribers to boost engagement rates for SMBs
• Blacklist Monitoring - Alerts you if your domain or IP ends up on an email blacklist and shows you how to fix it
• DMARC Monitoring - Simplifies email authentication setup and tracks your domain for any suspicious activity
• Deliverability testing - Tests your emails before you send them to your audience and identify errors that can lead to bounces or the spam folder

Email campaign performance depends on various factors. It’s recommended to follow these strategies to improve your campaigns:

• Validate your email list regularly.
• Add a real-time email verification API to your site to block fake signups.
• Authenticate your emails.
• Test your emails using an inbox placement tester.
• Test your email server for possible deliverability errors.
• Be direct and informative with subject lines.
• Make use of preheader text to add excitement or intrigue.
• Focus on one (or two if necessary) CTA’s.
• Keep paragraphs short and to the point.
• Segment your audiences by interests
• Create compelling offers or share free, informative resources
• A/B test campaigns

Email marketing is effective for businesses of every size due to its cost-efficiency. Compared to other popular marketing channels, you can build an email list, clean it, and create compelling email campaigns for relatively low costs. Email may be particularly effective and reliable for SMBs so that your business doesn’t overextend when attempting to compete with large brands or enterprises with access to large budgets.

Help your SMB achieve superior email marketing results

  • Get 100 free email verifications