Free Email Tools for Marketing and Deliverability

Test your email deliverability and improve email ROI with our suite of free email marketing tools. Take advantage of everything you need from free email verification, deliverability tests, domain health checks, email authentication tools, and email marketing calculators at no cost.


Email Verification

Email Health

Email Authentication

Email Calculators

Find out if your email domain or IP is blacklisted. Enter your domain, identify any blacklistings, and learn how to get removed.

Blacklist Checker

Is your email bounce rate high? Find your campaign’s bounce rate with the free calculator now.

Bounce Rate

Readers may be opening your emails, but do they click links inside? Calculate your campaign’s CTOR with the free calculator.


Notarize your company emails with the free DKIM generator. Enhance email security and stop spoofing attempts.

DKIM Generator

Create your free DMARC record. Configure SPF and DKIM alignment while managing suspicious and unknown senders using your domain.

DMARC Generator

Are you achieving healthy email list growth? Calculate your growth rate now to find out if you’re keeping up with email list decay.

Email List Growth

Struggling with high bounce rates? Complete the email risk assessment and find out if your sender reputation is at risk.

Email Risk Assessment

What’s the best time to send an email? Find out now by using the free email send time tool and find the best send time for your industry.

Email Send Time

Don’t believe your list needs cleaning? Compare your email signups to the average lifetime value, and find out how much email marketing ROI you lose without validation.

Email Verification ROI

Get near-instant email verification at no cost. Identify invalid and high-risk email addresses with 99% accuracy.

Free Email Verifier

Try the free bulk email checker and analyze a sample of your email list. Find out how much of your data is invalid to determine if your list needs cleaning.

Free List Evaluator

Are you missing out on potential revenue from contacts using freemail providers? Calculate your potential revenue earnings now.

Freemail Revenue

Do you have a good email open rate? Calculate your campaign opens and learn how to improve email marketing performance.

Open Rate

Does your company receive too many spam complaints? Try our free tool and calculate your spam complaint rate fast.

Spam Complaint Rate

Create your free SPF records to prevent email spoofing and ransomware attacks. Learn how to implement yours.

SPF Generator

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