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Importance of email list growth

Email marketing presents one of the most valuable marketing opportunities available.

But what is it about email marketing that makes this possible? Here are some reasons your brand should take its email list growth seriously.

Why you should grow your email list

Combat email list decay (22.71% annually)

Cost-effective marketing

Reach your entire audience quickly

Complete control of messaging

Lead nurturing opportunities

Customer re- engagement

Email lists decay 22.71% annually

You can expect more than 1 in 5 email addresses on your list to expire yearly. Check out 2023’s full report to learn the most common email types that make it onto your list.

To keep it quick, people abandon their email addresses for various reasons, including

  • Employer changes
  • Promotions
  • Change of domain or service provider

Creating sustainable email growth will help combat this natural decay, so you can continue reaching your audience via email marketing.

Email marketing is highly cost-effective

With consistent email list growth and subscriber retention, you can potentially earn as much as $42 for every $1 spent.

We owe this to the relatively low cost and the few resources required to generate and send a great email. You can reach large groups of consumers who already expressed interest in your offerings by signing up for your email list.

But, email list building can offer many more benefits not shared by other marketing channels.

Reach your entire audience quickly

Building a list of email subscribers allows you to deliver important messages to your audience instantly.

While other marketing channels like social media will enable you to post similar updates, you must compete with other users and brands taking up the same timeline.

You can ensure your messaging hits your audience’s inboxes with an email list. Whether you’ve got a quick news update or want to unveil a new product, your messaging will reach their mailboxes as long as you have valid email addresses.

Before sending that next campaign, ensure your email list is clean.

Complete control of messaging to email subscribers

Email marketing also allows you to deliver any content you want to your audience.

Compare this to many popular advertising platforms like Facebook (they’ve got an entire help center dedicated to their restrictions). Brands need to play by their rules to get their messaging out to the public.

While many third-party rules are valuable and necessary (misinformation, exploitation), specific industries can run into issues quickly. For example, if you’re involved in finance, expect to run into problems by automatic or manual review. That’s because they need to control the type of messaging available to their user base.

With email, your audience consents to your email content. They’ll know who you are and what kind of content you aim to deliver, giving you greater freedom over what you can share with those subscribers and customers.

Of course, you’ll still need to comply with rules like CAN-SPAM, allowing everyone to stop your messaging anytime.

Nurture your existing subscribers

If you build an email list, you have a natural way to stay connected with interested parties.

People get bombarded with nonstop advertisements online. While you may be able to secure some new subscribers in the short term, they’re not always ready to run to checkout immediately.

One of the best email marketing tips to make your email list more valuable is segmenting and nurturing these groups.

Are they subscribed but have yet to make a purchase? Create educational content and share resources explaining why they can benefit from your services.

Is someone interested in a specific product? Capitalize on your email list growth to make custom lists so that you can give those email subscribers precisely what they crave.

Re-engage lapsed customers

Speaking of improving ROI, re-engaging with previous customers is the way to go.

Think about it - what does it take for a brand to generate awareness and, eventually, new customers?

  • Discovery
  • Targeted advertising
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Website content + SEO

It costs exponentially more to achieve all of this than sending some highly personalized emails to an existing address on your email list. Previous customers are 50% more likely to make a purchase than someone you’ve never converted.

How to use the email list growth calculator

  1. Enter the current number of people subscribed to your email list.

    Regardless of your email service provider, this information should be readily available for your entire email list and all available segments.

  2. Determine how many new people sign up for your email list monthly.

    This information should also be available from your email service provider.

  3. Enter your churn rate. This would represent the number of those that either unsubscribe from your email list or that you delete monthly.

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Understanding your email list growth calculator results

In your results, we’ll provide an estimated number you can expect your email list to grow over the coming year.

Based on industry trends, not all of these new contacts will provide you with valid emails. You’re also likely to see new faces in your CRM acquired by other means (face-to-face meetings, calls, etc.).

This figure is necessary to consider as while you can grow your email list fast, increasing it with invalid, risky email addresses is detrimental.

Here are some solid email marketing tips you can implement to ensure that your email list growth is healthy and sustainable.

Enhance your CRM with an Email Finder service

Is anyone in your CRM you’ve connected with missing an email address?

It’s not uncommon to connect with prospects and customers by other means, but there’s still an opportunity to reach them via email marketing. An email finder can help you achieve this by leveraging your data about a specific person.

ZeroBounce Email Finder does precisely this by using your contact’s name and domain.

Need help determining their domain? Professionals typically use email addresses associated with their company and employer, which also tends to be the domain. This information makes it an excellent place to begin your email search.

Specifically, ZeroBounce can perform email finder searches using proprietary technologies to deliver valid results and common patterns a domain uses. We achieve this without ever using stored or processed customer data from email validation or any other source.

Important Note - It’s vital to remember that you shouldn’t use any email finder service to grow your email list without consent. While the USA requires that you comply with CAN-SPAM and provide an unsubscribe link, other parts of the world have far more strict privacy guidelines, such as GDPR.

Learn more about ZeroBounce Email Finder

Email Finder can prove an incredible tool to improve your email marketing ROI. However, carefully consider who you choose to email, your existing relationship with the person, and whether or not they are willing to receive email communications.

Email validation services help you find valid emails

Most importantly, intelligent email list building requires a trustworthy email validation service.

While there are many tactics you can implement to pick up new email addresses, there’s no certainty that they’re all valid.

Emailing an invalid address results in an email bounce, negatively impacting your sender reputation. While it’s tempting to grow your email list fast by any means necessary, you must validate those emails or risk destroying your email reputation.

There are two primary methods of validating email addresses to support your email list growth.

Bulk email validation

Finding valid email subscribers is easy.

All you need to do is export your email list from your email service provider and upload it to an email validation service. Ensure you check for any email list size requirements to avoid issues or delays.

Our email validation service checks for more than 30 email types so that you know which addresses you should keep and which to delete.

As you build an email list, we recommend cleaning it at least once a quarter. Depending on how quickly you grow your email list, you may want to do it more frequently to avoid bounces, spam complaints, and email blacklists.

Learn more about ZeroBounce email validation

Get quality email subscribers with real-time validation

The best way to keep your email list growth in check is to validate new email addresses as they appear.

Most email validation services provide an API, which allows you to leverage the tool on your websites, landing pages, and anywhere else you hold email registration forms.

When someone tries to sign up, the email validator will reject any addresses that aren’t valid. You can effortlessly block disposable emails, spam traps, and more to continue your email list growth without fear.

Email list building with ZeroBounce

Email marketing is an incredible channel for strengthening customer relationships and driving more sales.

Our email list growth calculator allows you to quickly estimate your projected growth so that you can adjust your email finding and email validation practices accordingly.

While we understand the desire to grow your email list quickly, cleaning your email list and enhancing your database consistently to keep up with your growth rate is essential. The quality of your email marketing is only as good as your email subscribers.

Thankfully, you can supplement that email list growth right here with ZeroBounce.

With all other companies, you need to find your business emails in one place and bring them to a separate service for cleaning. ZeroBounce does it all for you within one platform.

Give it a try - let’s grow your email list together.

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Frequently asked questions about email list growth

Email list growth rate is the average rate at which you acquire new subscribers for your email marketing list. This is the percentage of new subscribers versus those who unsubscribe.

Growing your email list supports your email marketing efforts. Email marketing is a highly customizable, cost-effective marketing medium that allows you to reach your entire audience easily.

It also helps combat the natural decay of email lists (22% yearly).

Email list growth rate is a highly variable metric depending on your industry and the type of content you send. The average benchmark across all industries is approximately 2.5-3% monthly.

The average ROI of email marketing is approximately $42 for every $1 spent. You can achieve this by maintaining a clean email list and creating personalized, segmented email content for your various email lists.

Use the following tactics to increase your email list growth rate:

  • Create attractive offers for signups
  • Give valuable resources for free
  • Create a blog with quality content
  • Create an exclusive email newsletter
  • Share content on social media
  • Add a compelling call to action to all content
  • Retain subscribers with quality emails
  • Keep email content succinct and on-task

Grow your email list with ZeroBounce

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