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Email Value * Average Email Lifespan = Email Lifetime Value

What is an email verification calculator?

An email verification calculator helps determine how much you lose in email marketing ROI due to invalid email addresses. While you might love seeing all those email signups on your website and landing pages, all those invalid or high-risk addresses harm your brand’s bottom line.

We use our internal email verification data to accurately estimate the number of invalid addresses lurking on your email list. After you provide the average lifetime value of an email address on your list, we calculate the potential revenue lost based on the emails you could verify using ZeroBounce.

Benefits of using the email verification calculator

Get insight into how many invalid emails exist on your email list

ZeroBounce’s email verification calculator automatically estimates the number of invalid email addresses you have based on our existing customer data.

On average, 29% of all emails entered into email signup forms using ZeroBounce email verification tools are invalid. That’s the number of fake contacts that lead to lower engagement and higher bounce rates for your email list.

Only a valid email address can convert. Invalid emails are dead ends and actively sabotage your email campaigns and sender score over time. The worse your email reputation is, the harder it becomes to reach valid email addresses, further damaging your email marketing ROI.

Find out how much it costs to verify your list per address

To calculate your potential ROI, the email verification calculator compares your average number of monthly email signups versus the average cost to verify them using ZeroBounce.

Our tool gives you the perfect snapshot of the small investment needed to clean your email list and what you stand to gain back in return.

Estimate your potential email marketing ROI using ZeroBounce

Most importantly, get the actual numbers to show how much your company loses when you don’t clean email lists.

The good news? ZeroBounce email verification is an affordable, dependable email marketing solution that scales to your company’s needs. You can clean thousands of emails quickly with a 99% accuracy guarantee so that you know you’re emailing the customers most likely to convert.

How to use the email verification calculator

  1. Enter your average number of monthly email signups. If you’re unsure, check with your email service provider and take a look at your monthly signup reports.
  2. Provide the estimated lifetime value (LTV) of an email address on your list. You can calculate this using the following equation:

    Email Value x Average Email Lifespan = Email Lifetime Value
    To break this further down:

    Email Value =Average Purchase Value x Average Purchase Frequency

    After you obtain a final LTV for your email addresses, enter it into the provided field.
  3. Click Calculate to retrieve your results.

The email verification calculator provides the following data points:

  • Potential revenue lost without ZeroBounce - See the exact dollar value you lose when you fail to verify your email addresses.
  • Potential ROI - This is the percentage you stand to gain versus the cost of using ZeroBounce’s email verification tools

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Frequently asked questions

Our calculator helps you identify how much potential revenue you’re missing out on due to poor email list hygiene. We use internal data to compare your monthly email signup rate to the number of invalid addresses we identify on signup forms that use ZeroBounce. Then, we compare that to the potential missed value you could obtain by verifying your email list.

Email verification is the process of determining whether or not an email address is valid and in use by an actual person. An email is valid if it follows the proper email format, is free of misspellings or typos, and exists on the associated domain.

Verifying your email list regularly offers the following benefits:

• Lower bounce rate
• Higher open and clickthrough rate
• More conversions
• Better email reputation
• Blacklist avoidance
• Accurate email marketing insights

ZeroBounce recommends verifying and cleaning your email list once a quarter (every 3-4 months). If you wait longer, it should be no longer than once every six months. This helps you keep up with invalid addresses, disposable emails, and other high-risk addresses that can negatively impact your campaign performance.

Our email verification calculator uses figures based on our email verification results. We validated email lists for over 325,000+ clients and more than 5 billion email addresses in 2022. We compare those averages with your email list to give you a strong idea of what is lurking on your email list.