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Pricing built for businesses of all sizes. Always know what you’ll pay. One credit per email address per service for email validation, Activity Data or scoring and twenty credits per successful query with our Email Finder. It’s that simple!

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100 ZeroBounce credits

Valid on: Email validation,1 credit per address Email Finder,20 credits per successful query Activity Data,1 credit (will display results after file validation is complete) Email Scoring1 credit per address

  • 1 Inbox placement test
  • 1 Email server test
  • 1 Blacklist monitor scan
  •  Email Finder
    10 Email Finder queries
  • Multiple API keys
  • Free duplicate email removal
  • IP address geo location
  • Detailed validation status codes
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Volume pricing
  • Unknown results are free
  • Credits never expire

Free credits, tests, and queries replenish monthly.


Deliverability Toolkit

Testing, Monitoring and Email Finder

Looking to kickstart your next email marketing campaign? Find the perfect email deliverability toolkit package for your brand. Test your email server and inbox placement, protect your reputation and find high-quality, valid leads to boost your ROI.

Inbox Placement Test

  • Test campaign inbox/spam placement
  • Identify deliverability issues
  • 20+ International testing addresses

Email Server Test

  • Analyze your email headers
  • Diagnose deliverability issues
  • Best practices to send email
  • Mail server configuration analysis

Blacklist Monitor

  • Get IP, domain and mail server alerts
  • Daily checks of over 200 blacklists
  • Contact link to get delisted

Email Finder Usage rates

  • Find business email addresses
  • Identify established domain patterns
  • Make new connections in any industry

DMARC monitor

  • Unlimited email sending
  • Automated reports with actionable insights and trend analysis
  • Forensic-level reporting for failed authentications
  • Unlimited data history
  • Alerts for suspicious email activity

  • 1 Inbox Test
  • 1 Email Server Test
  • 1 Blacklist Monitor
    Scanned every 24 hrs
  • 10 Email Finder / Domain Searches

Free with every sign up


  •  Inbox Tests
  •  Email Server Tests
  •  Blacklist Monitors
    Scanned every 12 hrs
  •  Email Finder / Domain Searches

  •  Inbox Tests
  •  Email Server Tests
  •  Blacklist Monitors
    Scanned every 10 hrs
  •  Email Finder / Domain Searches

  •  Inbox Tests
  •  Email Server Tests
  •  Blacklist Monitors
    Scanned every 8 hrs
  •  Email Finder / Domain Searches

  •  Inbox Tests
  •  Email Server Tests
  •  Blacklist Monitors
    Scanned every 4 hrs
  •  Email Finder / Domain Searches

Build your own monthly toolkit

Don’t like our existing plans? Pick your email deliverability tools and the amount you need. We’ll generate the perfect custom monthly rate for you. Cancel at any time.

ProductEnter custom amountPrice per month
Email Validation / Scoring Credits
$0.00 /mo
Email Finder / Domain Queries
$0.00 /mo
Inbox Tests
$0.00 /mo
Email Server Tests
$0.00 /mo
Blacklist Monitors
$0.00 /mo
DMARC monitor Domains
$0.00 /mo
Warmup (Actions)
$0.00 /mo
$0.00 /mo
Your account will be charged each month until cancelled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Credits are tokens you use for the email validation, AI Scoring, Activity Data, and Email Finder tools. You’ll use one credit per email address to use our email validation service – both bulk uploads and the real-time API. The same goes for our A.I. email scoring and Activity Data services: one credit allows you to score one email address or check its Activity Data.

ZeroBounce Email Finder uses 20 credits per successful query.

Never. All the credits you purchase or receive for free as part of a promotional campaign will always be available in your account. You can use them anytime you want.

No, we will never charge you for “unknown” results. For various reasons, sometimes we’re unable to verify an email address. That’s when you’ll get an “unknown” result. Most often, those email addresses are risky, but we won’t charge you for checking them, nor will we charge you for removing duplicate email addresses from your list.

Our Pay as You Go option starts at $20 USD for validating 2,000 email addresses. It’s our minimum purchase. You can add on credits as you need.

Our subscriptions start at $18 USD a month. Depending on how many emails you need to validate, a subscription can save you up to 18% every month. Also, unused credits roll over each month. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

It depends on how many email addresses you have. To give you an idea, ZeroBounce cleans 100,000 email addresses in 45 minutes.

No, we never store your data in our system for more than 30 days. All your data and aspects of your data are erased 30 days after you upload your file, unless you choose to delete it before that. Also, the information you share with us for payment purposes is encrypted.

Several aspects make ZeroBounce stand out. Our guaranteed 99% accuracy, military-grade secure system, and 24/7 customer support are just three of them. What’s more, ZeroBounce has evolved into more than an email validation platform. With the addition of our Deliverability Toolkit, you can now verify and enhance your email list, and access all the tools you need to boost your inbox placement.

You’ll use ZeroBounce credits for several different services.

For most services (email validation, Scoring, and Activity Data), we charge one credit per email address.

For example, to validate one email address, you will use one credit. To score that same email address, you’ll spend an additional credit. If you’d like to validate, score, and add Activity Data to the same email address, you’ll consume three credits.

We do not charge credits in the following circumstances:

The email verification status is “unknown”
Removing a duplicate email address from your list

Both Activity Data and AI Scoring are optional services. When you upload your list for validation, we’ll let you know if we found Activity Data for any email addresses. You can then choose to spend additional credits to download Activity Data at this time. If you then choose to Score those email addresses, you’ll spend one additional credit for each address.

Finally, Email Finder will consume twenty credits for every successful query. Similar to email validation, an “unknown” result will consume zero credits.

Email Finder uses the following rules for consuming ZeroBounce credits:

  • 20 credits
    • A format or email is provided
  • 1 credit
    • the domain is identified as a spam trap
    • the domain is identified in the global suppression list
    • the domain contains a possible typo
    • the name parts provided are role based
    • the domain does not have DNS entries
    • the domain contains an unroutable IP address
    • the domain is disposable
  • 0 credits
    • “Unknown” result

ZeroBounce accepts all major currencies, including the Euro, British Pound, and Indian Rupee. You can use any currency supported by Stripe, and the checkout screen will default to your region’s currency during checkout. Please refer to our billing documentation for the complete list of accepted currencies.

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