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How to get started with blacklist monitoring

The ZeroBounce Blacklist Monitoring service will provide invaluable information about your domain, IP address and mail server blacklist status. Our system delivers automated checks of over 200 blacklist providers, and will alert you if yours are found listed.

Decide what you’d like to monitor

ZeroBounce can monitor three types of addresses: a standard domain (, an IPv4 address ( and an IPv6 address (2001:db8::8a2e:370:7334). We recommend monitoring all three types, as this will provide greater coverage.

Get notified if you’re found on any blacklists

Once your monitors are active, you’ll be notified if your addresses are found on any blacklists. We actively monitor over 200 blacklist providers. Depending on the subscription-level you’ve chosen, our automated checks will happen over multiple intervals, daily. And if you’re found listed, we’ll send you an alert email. We also alert you if you’ve successfully delisted your address.

Act quickly & prevent sender reputation damage

Our email alert system will also provide you with the contact link to each blacklist provider’s website. From there you can quickly act to have your domain or IP address delisted and mitigate any damage your sender reputation may experience.

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Frequently asked questions

Blacklist monitoring is a service that monitors your email domain and IP reputation in real time. Blacklist monitors are looking for signs that your email campaigns are automatically blocked or flagged as spam by internet or email service providers. They achieve this by actively looking for your email domain on known email blacklist service lists. If your domain appears on one of these lists, you’ll receive a notification so that you can take action.

An email blacklist is a collection of email addresses that are known spammers, spoofers, and overall bad actors. Internet service providers work closely with blacklist services to know which email senders are trustworthy and which senders pose a risk to the public and their private information.

An IP blacklist is a type of email blacklist. Your email domain, IP address, or both may be what’s added to an email blacklist. If either your company domain or IP address ends up on a blacklist, you need to take action immediately to protect your sender reputation.

Blacklist monitoring works by providing the service with the domain or IP information you want to monitor. Depending on the blacklist monitor, you can actively supervise your domain, subdomain, and different types of IP addresses, including IPv4 and IPv6. The blacklist monitoring service then actively compares this data against its known list of blacklist providers and automatically alerts you if your domain or IP is detected on any list.

Yes. Removing your email domain or IP from an email blacklist is possible by contacting the blacklist provider. Many blacklist providers have websites that allow you to look up your domain and IP and learn what infraction led to the blacklisting. After you take action to resolve the problem, submit evidence to the blacklist service that the problem is resolved, and you will be removed from the list. Please note that this may not be true for email domains with repeated infractions and multiple blacklistings. If there is substantial damage to your sender reputation, you should show considerable effort to improve your email-sending habits before you can be removed.

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