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Will this email bounce? Use our email evaluator - for bulk email lists and in real-time

Spam traps, abuse emails, catch-alls, do not mail, and invalid addresses are all signs of an unhealthy email list. But which addresses are the culprits?

ZeroBounce’s bulk email list evaluator provides better email list verification than the competitor. We highlight every address with over 30 unique status and sub-status codes.

Bring your bounce rates down and start delivering more emails.

Validate My Email List
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How active are my contacts? Score each contact and discover which ones are the most valuable

Even with a valid email address, it’s tough to know how your emails will perform with a specific audience. Or is it?

ZeroBounce Score utilizes artificial intelligence to anticipate the activity levels of email contacts based on their history. A score of 0 indicates low activity, while a score of 10 indicates a highly-engaged email user. This is especially helpful for sorting out tricky catch-all emails on your email list.

Score My Email Leads
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I have a healthy email list, but will I reach the inbox? Test every new email message before you send it

Our free bulk email validator helps you identify harmful contacts on your list. However, removing them does not guarantee you’ll reach the inbox. Subject lines, content, and email server configuration can impact deliverability.

Don’t wing it with a new email campaign. Use the ZeroBounce inbox placement testing tools to determine where your emails will go before publishing your email campaign.

Test My Inbox Placement
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Can I be proactive against email blacklists? Monitor your email reputation 24/7

Even reputable email senders can end up on blacklists. However, it’s vital to identify when this happens so you can take action quickly.

ZeroBounce offers 24/7 blacklist monitoring to help you protect your domain and IP address. We’ll watch over 200 blacklist service providers and notify you of any unwanted activity the moment it happens.

Monitor My Email Domain