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Bounces, spam complaints, spam traps and bots – they all wreak havoc on your email marketing. Let our email validator remove them from your list, so you can reconnect with your subscribers and boost your click rates.

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Email verification makes a difference only when it’s accurate, and our system guarantees you 99% accurate results. Take us for a test drive and see for yourself.

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That’s right: our team is here for you 24/7 to answer any questions and guide you through the email verification process. Get in touch via chat, phone or email.

High-speed email validation

We move fast: it takes on average 45 minutes to scrub an email list of 100,000 contacts with ZeroBounce. What’s more, our API validates an email address in approximately 3 seconds.

Secure Email Validation

Your data is safe while our system verifies it. We use military-grade data encryption and one of the best content delivery networks in the world.

The #1 Email Verifier for 250,000+ Clients

Verify emails in real time, every time.

Connect our API to verify customer emails directly at the point of entry. Easily add the ZeroBounce email verifier to your lead pages, registration forms or wherever you collect emails.

The world’s most thorough email validation tools

Our email validation tools make it easy to verify and clean your lists, ensuring your messages reach your audience every time.

Email Bounce Validator

Our email validation software tells you which emails will bounce. Scrub your list regularly so that your bounce rate never exceeds 2%.

Abuse Email Detection

These accounts have a history of marking emails as spam, and the next one could be yours. Our email list verifier detects them to protect your sender reputation.

Spam Trap Detection

Our email validator app identifies many spam traps that may be lurking in your list. Removing spam traps is essential to your email hygiene and inbox placement.

Disposable Email Check

These temporary email accounts self-destruct and end up bouncing. We run a thorough email list cleaning to weed them out for you.

Catch-All Email Check

ZeroBounce identifies catch-all domains so you can isolate them from your list. All these domains will return a “valid” result and you can later score them.

Toxic Domain Verifier

The API will help you identify domains known for abuse, spam, and bot-created emails. These domains are harmful to your sender reputation.

Gender Identification

We identify the gender of some emails in your list. Also, if you upload a list with first names, we’ll add the gender. If you don't have names, and we find a name, we’ll add it to your list.

Free Email Verifier

Use it anytime you want to quickly check an email address. It detects if the email belongs to a free domain and if it’s toxic or disposable. When available, we give you names as well as gender.

MX Record Detection

Our API will tell you if an MX Record was found for the domain we check. This way, you’ll know if a certain email address is genuine or fake.

Additional Features

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MX Record Identification

Anti-Greylisting Technology

Email Form Validation

Social Append*

IP Information Append*

Overview Reports

Email Typo Correction

SMTP Providers Information

* Append information is only available on certain emails and most IP addresses.

We’re serious about security and your privacy

Your data’s security is everything to us. From day one, our entire team wanted not only the best email validator but also, military-grade security. Customers tell us it gives them great peace of mind knowing that, while they scrub their lists, their data is safe.

ZeroBounce security and privacy measures include GDPR, CCPA, and PCI compliance. In 2023, ZeroBounce also achieved HIPAA certification, expanding our measures to protect your valuable healthcare data. Additionally, ZeroBounce is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 certified and works alongside trusted cybersecurity and risk assessment partners to test and ensure our platform exceeds standards.

  • SOC 2 Compliant

  • SOC 2
    Type II

  • ISO 27001 Certified

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Privacy Shield

  • CCPA Compliant

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  • 1 Inbox placement test
  • 1 Email server test
  • 1 Blacklist monitor scan
  •  Email Finder
    10 Email Finder queries
  • Multiple API keys
  • Free duplicate email removal
  • IP address geo location
  • Detailed validation status codes
  • 24/7 customer support
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  • Unknown results are free
  • Credits never expire

Free credits, tests, and queries replenish monthly.

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Connect the email verification API to check emails in real time. If you need to clean your list in bulk, just import, validate, and then export it back to your platform.

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