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Email is the lifeblood of effective communication and sales. When transactional and marketing emails fail to reach the inbox, you can lose trust and revenue.

It’s a challenge that brings many companies to us. As email lists degrade, you struggle with bounces, spam complaints and other issues that affect inbox placement.

Your sender score decreases.
Engagement drops.
Sending emails stops making sense – why would you do it if you’re not seeing any results?

Here’s the good news: you can fix things, and it’s not as hard as you may think. We have proof for that. Email marketers and business owners were getting high bounce rates and even got blocked by their email service provider. They came to us with their messy databases that took only minutes to clean.

ZeroBounce removed duplicate email addresses from these lists and added missing data to them – at no charge. What’s more, by using our email scoring system, these customers were able to further validate catch-all emails, thus saving money and valuable leads.

Read their stories to see how our email validation tools restored their sender reputation and helped increase email revenue.

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