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Get help automating email verification in applications. Get started with ZeroBounce’s free email verification API, which automatically blocks fake, risky, and bot-generated email addresses.

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API keys are free for all users. Every account includes 100 free monthly email verifications.

Also included - free Email Finder queries, email testing, and more

Why your current email verification development tools aren’t working

Email verification is necessary to protect your website and database from fake, high-risk email addresses and security risks like SQL injections. However, there are a few critical issues with basic email verification programs and related programming libraries:

Accuracy limitations

Basic email verification scripts and libraries are typically limited to regex checks. While those are great for identifying typos or syntax errors, it doesn’t include mailbox pinging, which helps you determine if a mailbox is real.

Resource strain

Your email verifier is great for a few email addresses, but how does it perform at scale? Developers like you need a platform with resources that can scale to your business needs.

Minimal email insights

There are more email address types than “valid” or “invalid.” Without a dedicated email verification API, your email marketing team isn’t getting the results that they could with deeper email insights.

Security risks

A dedicated email validation API includes enhanced, military-grade security supervised by a team of cybersecurity experts. You need to ensure your data is secure and compliant.

Try ZeroBounce’s developer tools for email validation

If you need aid in ensuring data quality in applications and website pages, ZeroBounce provides superior developer tools for email validation. Take a look at how easy it is to use:

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API keys are free for all users. Every account includes 100 free monthly email verifications.

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99% accurate email validation API

ZeroBounce guarantees 99% accuracy when using our email verification integration. Automatically identify any email address with more than 30 status and sub-status descriptions.

Complete API documentation for email validation

Get started fast with our comprehensive documentation. Our guides include sample codes for sandbox testing as well as for single, bulk, and batch email validation.

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Available in 13+ languages with API wrappers & SDKs

Leverage the email validation API in the following languages:

  • PHP
  • iOS
  • Scala
  • Rust
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Pascal
  • C
  • Delphi
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Node
  • C#
  • Android
  • Go
  • C++
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Create and manage multiple API keys

API keys are free. Create, name, and manage our API keys and set a custom whitelisted IP range for each connection.

Track API usage from your dashboard

Our API allows you to keep track of every email validated, providing you with reliable data by date and email address type. You can also customize usage reports and download the results to share with your team, ensuring transparency and accountability.

24/7 customer support

With the ZeroBounce email validation API, you always have a helping hand. Our team of email experts and developers is available 24/7 to assist you with configuring and managing your API.

Protect your company data with military-grade security

  • SOC 2
    Type II

  • SOC 2 Compliant

  • ISO 27001 Certified

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Data Privacy Framework (DPF)

  • CCPA Compliant

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How the email verification API benefits businesses

Automatic email verification

Uploading your email list to an email verifier is a great way to enhance your database. But automatically verifying new email addresses is even better. Just add the email verification API to your web pages or platforms, and the API will automatically check new, incoming emails.

Block fake signups on website forms

Ensure data quality on your website by adding the API to every signup form. Our email verification integration is excellent for newsletter signups, landing pages, blog signups, and everywhere else you collect new email leads.

Secure your e-commerce checkout forms

Collecting real, valid email addresses is essential for transactions. Add the email validation API to your checkout screen and alert customers to possible typos and invalid email addresses. Keeping your database clean is not only crucial for sales but can also help you with future remarketing.

Integrate with your favorite email and marketing platforms

ZeroBounce features more than 40 integrations with popular email service providers, CRMs, website builders, and more. Be sure to check out our complete list of integrations to see if we can make your API connection even more effortless.

Hear from developers like you

As developer, I like the way zerobounces API is handling and the easy way how the platform is showing you all details for those request such as valid, invalid, abuse, spam traps is a great help to improve our SOI / DOI.

Jose P.

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It's ease of use, and my number one favorite feature is that you can do the single email validation. Loading CSV files into an app is never fun, and being able to check a quick email when I need to is awesome. Also, your API is great and super helpful as we've integrated it across various apps. It's also very affordable and you are always offering deals.

Lucia T.

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A really good service for keeping a clean list and avoiding problems with email marketing platform. Excellent and well-documented APIs to integrate their services very easily Quick customer service via chat


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Additional developer tools included with all ZeroBounce accounts

Email Finder API

Take advantage of ZeroBounce’s Email Finder service and find new prospects and leads automatically. Create a free API key and connect ZeroBounce’s Email Finder to your favorite platform

Email Scoring API

After you verify your email addresses, Score them and get enhanced insights into your subscribers and customers.

Activity Data API

Help your marketing team out and identify which of your verified email addresses are active. Ping the Activity Data API and find out which contacts have opened, clicked, forwarded, or unsubscribed from emails in the last 30-180 days.

List Evaluator API

The List Evaluator API helps developers save credits by giving you a snapshot of your email list health. Ping the list evaluator API with your email list, and we’ll let you know if we suspect a high bounce rate. If your email list hygiene is poor, you can configure the API to send your list for validation automatically.

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API keys are free for all users.

Every account includes 100 free monthly email verifications.

Frequently asked questions

An email validation API is a script that calls an email validation service to validate and verify email addresses automatically. API stands for “application programming interface,” which effectively allows one platform to communicate with another to pull data or complete a specific task.

ZeroBounce’s developer tools for email validation currently support the following languages: PHP, iOS, Scala, Rust, Ruby, Python, Pascal, Delphi, Java, JavaScript, Node, C#, Android (Kottlin), Go, C, and C++.

The email validation API currently features wrappers for Rust and Java, which you can find in the documentation. The guide includes step-by-step instructions on how to deploy the SDKs for your project.

Yes. ZeroBounce provides complete, in-depth documentation for all tools and services, including the email verification API. The documentation covers sandbox testing, single email validation, bulk email validation, batch email validation, SDK wrappers, and more.

Yes. Head over to the email validation API documentation for code samples that you can use for sandbox testing. Alternatively, create a free ZeroBounce account and get immediate access to the API. All accounts include 100 credits that you can use for testing with the email validation API.

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  • API keys are free for all users.
  • Every account includes 100 free monthly email verifications.