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Help your brand stop spoofing and email hackers with multidomain DMARC monitoring and reporting software. The DMARC management platform helps organizations manage email authentication and security measures, including DMARC, DKIM, and SPF records.

Use the DMARC monitor and analyzer for in-depth email verification and to track every email sent from your email domain throughout your entire organization. Get automated alerts and in-depth reports to help your company stop spoofing and phishing attempts using your brand name.

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Hold on - what’s DMARC, and why do I need a monitor and analyzer?

Domain-Based Messaging, Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) is an email authentication tool that helps organizations monitor the emails sent from their company domain.

If you’re not familiar with DMARC, chances are, your brand’s email security is in danger.

By setting up an automated DMARC monitor and Analyzer, you’ll have real-time defense and alerts against hackers who look to use your brand name as a tool for spoofing and phishing attempts. It’s also helpful in keeping your email domain off of email blacklists.

DMARC monitoring stops bad actors from dragging your business name through the mud. And, when email receivers know that your organization’s emails are trustworthy, more of your emails reach the inbox.

Continue to find out how our DMARC monitor and Analyzer simplifies email authentication and security so that you can focus on what’s really important.

DMARC monitor and analyzer features

Easy DMARC monitor setup for every DMARC record type

Benefit from easy DMARC setup by using our guided policy setup. Eliminate the technical difficulty of generating your own DMARC record and adding it to your DNS records. Once you set up your monitor, we’ll put your policy in place.

You provide the domain you want to monitor, and we’ll investigate the DNS records to see how your outgoing email conforms with your DKIM and SPF record alignment with DMARC.

The simple 3-step process lets you select your DMARC record type, input your organization’s email domain info, and begin domain verification. Email security and authentication are made simple.

Multi-domain DMARC monitoring for comprehensive email authentication

DMARC monitoring displays comprehensive data on every email sent using each of your brand’s domains simultaneously. Get a quick snapshot of every email delivered to the inbox, and we’ll notify you of any unusual activity we suspect to be spoofing or phishing attempts.

The DMARC monitor and Analyzer is your go-to anti-phishing software for optimal email security.

In-depth DMARC analysis tool & record generator

Generated automated reports for every email monitored, quarantined, or rejected by your DMARC policy for a given domain. Track how successfully your emails align with your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication according to your DNS records.

Spare yourself the hassle of gathering your email security data and get reports delivered straight to your DMARC monitor and Analyzer dashboard.

Adjust your DMARC, DKIM, and SPF record alignment seamlessly

The DMARC management platform and software lets you specify your domain and subdomain policies, along with the strictness of your SPF and DKIM alignment. You can track the compliance of outgoing emails and quickly identify when either SPF or DKIM fails to meet your authentication requirements.

Adjusting your DMARC policy to allow and observe email sends is helpful for learning more about which tools your organization uses to send email. Once you know where emails are sent from, your email security team can update your DNS records as needed so that you don’t inadvertently create self-inflicted inbox delivery issues.

Enhanced DMARC email security tool with automated notifications & alerts

Our DMARC monitor and Analyzer tool makes improving email domain security effortless. Stay up-to-date and get notified of any suspicious activity. The DMARC monitor helps organizations like yours get proactive in the fight against fraudulent use of your brand name and company domain by spoofers and hackers. Stay in the fight with trustworthy anti-phishing software.

Why do I need a DMARC monitor and analyzer?

Stop email fraud and spoofing

Have you ever received one of those phishing emails doing a lousy job of impersonating a brand? Your organization could be next. Authenticate your email domain with a DMARC record and stop imposters and spoofers from using your company name.

Improve email deliverability

Google & Yahoo now require companies to authenticate their emails. Set up your DMARC record and monitor every email sent to protect yourself from inbox delivery issues.

Identify email inbox delivery issues

With improper email server configuration, you could be limiting your own emails. Display every email sent using your domain, get reports on outbound sending issues, and sort any delivery issues related to your email authentication.

Automated, comprehensive DMARC reporting

Even if your emails are authenticated with DMARC, you can’t do much without records of your email activity. Use the DMARC monitor and Analyzer and automatically get new reports on each domain you’re monitoring.

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Need SPF and DKIM email authentication records for your DMARC monitor?

Without email authentication records like SPF and DKIM, the DMARC monitor won’t be able to enforce your organization’s preferred email security rules.

We’ve got your back.

To help your brand use DMARC monitoring effectively, you can use these email authentication generators to instantly create SPF and DKIM records for your email domain’s DNS records.

Try our free SPF and DKIM record generators using the links below. Learn how to create and set up email authentication rules with an email service provider and how they’re your best defense against spoofing and phishing.

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Get enhanced email domain protection with ZeroBounce’s multi-domain DMARC monitoring.

DMARC monitoring is available in ZeroBounce email deliverability toolkit packages. Or, you can enjoy the DMARC monitor and Analyzer by itself with a custom toolkit below.

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  • 50 Inbox Tests
  • 50 Email Server Tests
  • 10 Blacklist Monitors
    Scanned every undefined hrs
  • 1,000 Email Finder / Domain Searches
  • 2 DMARC monitor Domains


  • 100 Inbox Tests
  • 100 Email Server Tests
  • 20 Blacklist Monitors
    Scanned every undefined hrs
  • 10,000 Email Finder / Domain Searches
  • 5 DMARC monitor Domains
  • 50 Warmup actions per day
    10 Warmup accounts


  • 500 Inbox Tests
  • 500 Email Server Tests
  • 50 Blacklist Monitors
    Scanned every undefined hrs
  • 25,000 Email Finder / Domain Searches
  • 20 DMARC monitor Domains
  • 150 Warmup actions per day
    10 Warmup accounts


  • Unlimited Inbox Tests
  • Unlimited Email Server Tests
  • 500 Blacklist Monitors
    Scanned every undefined hrs
  • 200,000 Email Finder / Domain Searches
  • 1,000 DMARC monitor Domains
  • 500 Warmup actions per day
    30 Warmup accounts

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Frequently asked questions about DMARC monitoring

Domain-based Messaging Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) is an email security tool that aids in email domain protection. DMARC works to align your SPF and DKIM policies (two additional email authentication methods) and provides instructions on whether to allow, quarantine, or reject emails if the sender fails an authentication check.

A DMARC policy is necessary to aid in email domain protection. It’s common for spoofers and spammers to attack company email domains to help make their phishing scams appear legitimate. By implementing a DMARC policy along with SPF and DKIM, senders must pass all email authentication processes to reach a user’s inbox successfully.

ZeroBounce DMARC monitoring is available in email deliverability toolkit packages starting at $49/month. These packages include access to DMARC management, Email Finder, inbox placement and email server tests, and blacklist monitoring. If you wish to use DMARC monitoring online, visit our pricing page for more information.

You can create a DMARC policy for free by using our DMARC generator tool. You’ll need to provide your email domain and select the appropriate policy type (how you want your ISP to handle emails that fail related to SPF and DKIM checks). Then, add your DMARC record to your email domain’s DNS records.

DMARC requires SPF, DKIM, or both. These are necessary as your DMARC policy is a set of instructions that advises your ISP on what to do with emails that fail one or more of these checks. You can use DMARC with only SPF or DKIM, but any sent emails automatically fail the absent checks. Be sure to adjust your DMARC policy accordingly.

The DMARC analysis tool offers full reporting on every email sent using your email domain and their DMARC compliance success rate. Whenever an email passes or fails one or more email authentication checks, the email report is logged in your DMARC monitor. It will also let you know which emails were accepted, quarantined, or rejected based on your domain’s DMARC policy. It will also inform you if an SPF or DKIM record is present for each domain you monitor.

Domain verification results can take up to 24 hours to propagate. You can check your domain verification status anytime by visiting the DMARC monitor tool from your account. We’ll also send you an automated email notification when the verification process is completed. If you’re still facing issues, double-check your DMARC monitor settings. Then, check your DMARC policy in your DNS records for any potential configuration issues.

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