ZeroBounce ios app

Your mobile email verification solution

Looking for an email checker app to use on the go? The ZeroBounce iOS app offers our email validation and verification experience straight from your iPhone or iPad. Download the app from the Apple App Store, connect your account, and manage your email lists like an expert.

Key features of the ZeroBounce iOS app

Our iOS email verification app provides all of the accurate, trustworthy, and beneficial features of the ZeroBounce platform. Download today and take advantage of the following tools, reporting, account management, and more!

Mobile email verification
File Security
API Management

Mobile email verification

Need to verify an email quickly on the go? Open the ZeroBounce app, enter the email address, and hit Validate. Get a full breakdown from our email checker app, including the validity, sub-status, domain information, and more!

Mobile email validation with comprehensive reporting

Need to access your email validation results on the go?

Instantly receive complete email address information from single email inputs, or download your comprehensive report once your email list cleaning is finished. You’ll have access to the same detailed reports as our desktop experience, including the status, sub-status, user information, domain, IP information, and various social appends when available.

The ZeroBounce email checker app identifies

Valid and invalid emails
Spam traps
Abuse emails
Toxic domains
Alternate emails
Catch-alls or accept-alls
Disposable emails
Role-based emails

Your reports remain available through the ZeroBounce iOS app for 30 days or until you delete them manually. Take your newly cleaned list and import it into your email database once you’re done!

Enjoy complete mobile account management

Need to adjust a setting in your ZeroBounce account? Just tap the iOS app on your phone, navigate to your settings, and make the change!

Review your latest activity via desktop or the ZeroBounce app, manage passwords, track your API usage, and more.

Update your credits and subscriptions

Running low on credits to use in our ZeroBounce iOS app?

Select a pre-defined credit amount or enter a custom amount using our Pay-As-You-Go option! You can also switch to and update subscriptions with one tap for email validation and our testing and monitoring tools.

You can access invoices, edit payment methods, and cancel subscriptions anytime through the mobile experience.

Get email verification trusted by 350,000+ clients with the ZeroBounce app

Download the ZeroBounce iOS app from the Apple App Store

The ZeroBounce mobile email validation experience is now available on iOS! Download the app today for free and help your business gain instant access to all of this

99% email verification accuracy - guaranteed
Single email verification
Real-time email verification with the API
Identify more than 30 email statuses and sub-statuses
Complete integration management
Comprehensive reporting
Mobile account and payment updates
Military-grade security and encryption
Access to 24/7 customer support - including weekends and holidays

Have questions about the app?

Need an expert hand? Our 5-star customer support team of email geeks is available around the clock. Reach out now to learn more!

Frequently asked questions about the ZeroBounce iOS app

Email validation is the process of determining whether or not an email address is valid. If an email is valid, you can safely send email messages knowing that your message will reach its destination. If an email is invalid, the address does not exist, and the email will result in a bounce.

ZeroBounce allows you to validate emails on desktop or mobile via the ZeroBounce iOS app. Download the app, log in to your account, and enter emails to validate.

The ZeroBounce iOS app offers the same benefits as our desktop experience, including

• Mobile email verification
• Real-time email validation via API
• Integration support
• Testing and monitoring tools
• Account and payment settings
• Help documentation
• 24/7 customer support

ZeroBounce delivers military-grade security by strictly adhering to global privacy and security requirements.

ZeroBounce is SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certified. We are also GDPR, India DPDP, Data Privacy Framework (DPF), and CCPA compliant. We also partner with reputable cybersecurity teams to assist with penetration testing and risk management to adequately protect your data. All uploaded and downloaded data is encrypted and automatically deleted after 30 days.

Whether you’re a small business or a global enterprise, your data is secure with ZeroBounce.

The ZeroBounce iOS app is free to download on the Apple App Store. Take advantage of mobile email verification with your free ZeroBounce account, which includes 100 free email verification credits monthly.

All credits and subscriptions purchased through the iOS app must be completed using Apple Pay per Apple Store policy. To update your credit balance or subscriptions with another method, you must log into the ZeroBounce website directly.

The best iOS email list cleaning starts with ZeroBounce