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If you want the most reliable company email search tool available, look no further. ZeroBounce domain email finder helps you connect with professionals and enhance your cold marketing outreach. Just enter a domain and find company emails instantly.

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How domain email finder helps your business

Better email list growth

Domain email finder allows you to expand your list of email contacts rapidly. By identifying the email address pattern used for a company’s emails, you can reliably reach out to new leads and prospects. Engage with even more prospects via email campaigns and help your company grow faster.

Accurate company email search

Domain email finder helps you maintain email campaign performance by providing reliable company domain email patterns. Every time you perform an email lookup by domain, we give it a confidence score so that you know which emails are in use and which are likely dormant. Find company email addresses that won’t bounce.

Validate your results

ZeroBounce is the most accurate email verifier available, with 99% accuracy guaranteed. Address pattern confidence is supported by real-time email validation, helping you email with confidence.

Boost your sales

With a reliable tool to find company emails, you’ll connect with more interested leads faster than ever before. Supercharge your cold email outreach, get better feedback from real prospects, and refine your approach to take your sales to new heights.

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ZeroBounce Email Finder offers even more ways to aid your email search, including a name-based email finder and our Email Finder API. Click below to learn more.

Frequently asked questions about domain email finder

You can find company email addresses using a domain email finder. This tool lets you perform an email lookup by domain or company name and provides the most commonly used patterns for email addresses on that domain.

You’ll need the company’s email domain to perform a business domain search. This is the minimum required data to search for the structure of email addresses belonging to users associated with that domain.

It’s common practice for companies to use their business name as their email domain name. For example, the email domain for ZeroBounce is The top-level domain will differ depending on the business, but you can quickly identify it by looking at the structure of their website URL.

It’s common for companies to use more than one email format. For example, some employees may use the pattern ‘,’ while others may have an address that uses ‘’ Both are valid formats present on that company email domain.

Domain email finder provides a confidence score with each result. Using our proprietary technologies, we can detect possible patterns in real time to determine which are in use reliably.
Based on past email validation results, an email pattern with high confidence is very likely in use. Medium-confidence results may be in use, but there’s a possibility that it is no longer in use or recently made inactive. Finally, low-confidence results are likely not in use and have the highest likelihood of resulting in a bounce.

To refine your domain email finder search, use our name-based email finder tool. You can enter the person’s first and last name along with their domain to find their unique email address. We then validate the result to ensure that the address is accurate.

Yes - you can use our bulk email finder feature to find emails for a list of contacts. This lets you leverage our domain-based email-finding feature for an entire list without additional effort.

The name-based email finder does not currently integrate directly with CRMs. You will need to export your list of names as a CSV, TXT, XLS, or XLSX file for upload. You can also connect to your cloud-based files via Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

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