The AWeber integration service at Zerobounce allows users to import email addresses from their lists in AWeber and utilize our services to validate those emails.

When importing a list from AWeber to Zerobounce using the integration service, only the email address information in the AWeber list will be imported. Also, the subscriber’s status in your AWeber list needs to be “subscribed”.

To use this integration service, you need to have a valid AWeber account first. You will be prompted to enter your AWeber Login Name and Password when you use the service. We integrated our platform with AWeber using OAuth 1.0a for authorization. OAuth is a secure process that allows our application to access AWeber without passing user credentials. As your security is our priority at Zerobounce, we do not store your AWeber Login Name and Password; the access token issued by AWeber will be destroyed after you close the browser or log off from our website.

The following is an example on how to use the AWeber integration service.

  • Step 1:
    Have a valid AWeber account with your list ready.

    AWeber Account Dashboard

  • Step 2:
    Log into Zerobounce, select ZB Integrations from menu, and select Connect for AWeber.

    ZeroBounce Dashboard

  • Step 3:
    Click OK to redirect to AWeber's authentication site.

    Redirect to Aweber link

  • Step 4:
    Enter your Login Name and Password. Click Allow Access to let ZeroBounce access your AWeber account.

    Aweber login screen

  • Step 5:
    After you are authenticated, you will be able to see your lists from AWeber.

    Viewing your lists from the ZeroBounce dashboard

  • Step 6:
    Click the Verify link in the action column to import your list for validation. You will be prompted to confirm on a popup window. Click the OK button to proceed to the validation process or Cancel to exit.

    Verifying your Aweber lists

  • Step 7:
    After clicking the OK button on the confirmation popup window, you will be redirected to the Download Your Results webpage. At this moment, the selected AWeber list has been successfully imported to Zerobounce and is waiting for the validation engine to process.

    ZeroBounce download results screen

  • Step 8:
    Just like Upload a File for validation, you will receive a confirmation email for the imported AWeber list once the validation process is completed.

    Email confirmation message

  • Step 9:
    To import your validation results back to AWeber, please follow the instructions.