You must have a valid HubSpot account with appropriate access to your Contacts and Lists.

Getting started in ZeroBounce

  • Step 1:
    Login to ZeroBounce

    Zerobounce Dashboard Home

  • Step 2:
    Click on the ZB Integrations link in the left navigation menu

    Navigate to integrations page

  • Step 3:
    On the ZB Integrations page click Connect on the HubSpot Integration card

    ZeroBounce Integration Dashboard

  • Step 4:
    ZeroBounce will connect to HubSpot to get authorization. You will be prompted to login to HubSpot using your HubSpot credentials.

    Hubspot authetication modal

  • Step 5:
    You must choose the appropriate HubSpot account you would like to authorize access to your contact lists.

    Account authorization selection screen

  • Step 6:
    Once you choose the appropriate account ZeroBounce will have authorization to your HubSpot lists.

    Authorization in process

  • Step 7:
    Please wait while ZeroBounce gathers information about your available lists.

    Please wait while our system fetches information

  • Step 8:
    You are now able to verify a list. Just choose the list you want to validate and click the Verify link.

    Hubspot email list view

  • Step 9:
    Once you click "verify" you will be prompted to confirm.

    Click verify to validate the selected list

  • Step 10:
    When you confirm you will see the loading screen. Please allow enough time for ZeroBounce to pull the entire list. Depending on the number of records in the list it could take an extended wait time. So please do not navigate away from the loading screen.

    List verification confirmation window

  • Step 11:
    When you confirm, the list will be moved into queue to be validated.

    List Status: Queued

  • Step 12:
    You may check on the status of your file by going to the Download Your Results page.

    List Status: Processesing

  • Step 13:
    Once the list has completed you will see the scoring in the Download Your Results page.

    List Status: Complete

For more information about HubSpot please visit to find more details about HubSpot. For more information about importing files in HubSpot you can visit to find more details about set up your import file