Analyzing your results

Have you just downloaded your email validation results and need help interpreting them? We’re here to help.

Once you have downloaded and unlocked your ZIP file, you will find up to 11 files in CSV format and 1 file as PDF:

In the CSV files, you will find 13 additional columns in the first row.

All of the status codes are described in detail in the Status Codes section.
  • Email Address - - This has the email addresses which are contained in the specific CSV (all your emails will be found in the YOUR_UPLOADED_FILE_NAME_originals.csv ).
  • ZB Status - - This field contains the status of the verified email address. It can be one of the following: Valid, Invalid, Catch-All, Spamtrap, Abuse, Do Not Mail, Unknown.
  • ZB Sub Status - - This column contains: antispam_system, does_not_accept_mail, exception_occurred, failed_smtp_connection, failed_syntax_check, forcible_disconnect, global_suppression, greylisted, leading_period_removed, mail_server_did_not_respond, mail_server_temporary_error, mailbox_quota_exceeded, mailbox_not_found, no_dns_entries, possible_trap, possible_typo, role_based, timeout_exceeded, unroutable_ip_address, alias_address, role_based_catch_all, disposable, toxic, alternate, mx_forward.
  • ZB Account - - This will give you the account name of the email address.
  • ZB Domain - - Here you will find the domain where the account was created at.
  • ZB First Name - - The first name of the owner of the address.
  • ZB Last Name - - The last name of the owner of the address.
  • ZB Gender - - In some cases, we can even detect the gender of the person.
  • ZB City/state - /zip/country - When you include the IP addresses of email users, our service will return the location data for each email.
  • ZB Free Email - - [true/false] If the email comes from a free provider.
  • ZB MX Found - - [true/false] Does the domain have an MX record?
  • ZB MX Record - - The preferred MX record of the domain.
  • ZB SMTP Provider - - The SMTP Provider of the email or [null] (BETA).

Example Results Output

Need more help analyzing your email verification results? Reach out – our team is here for you 24/7 to answer questions and guide you.