The Executive Overview report shows you a big picture view of your email verification data.

Below is an example of the PDF that will be included in your zip file.

This Report is broken into a few sub-sections:

  • Top Domains - This shows you the top 10 domains found in your email list and breaks it down by percentages. Thus you can get a better picture of the different domains in your database and plan your marketing activities accordingly.
  • Validation Results - This gives you the overall statistics of the different email validation results of your entire file. You can see exactly how many emails in your list were valid, invalid, spam traps, catch-all, unknown or abuse (complainers).
  • Data Appends - This shows you how successful we were in appending additional data to your email list. For some of your contacts, our email checker will add the subscriber’s first and last name, gender, location and age of the email address.
  • IP Location Data Appends - If you uploaded the IP addresses along with your emails, the report will show you demographics by top countries and top regions/states.

Executive Report

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