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You put a lot of effort into your emails. We help you land them in the inbox and connect with your customers. Drive up your open rates and ROI with our 98% accurate email validation, A.I.-driven email scoring, and powerful deliverability tools.

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The #1 Email Verifier for 100,000+ Clients

Make sure your emails reach the inbox

Bounces, spam complaints, and low open rate


Will this email bounce? Check your list – in bulk and in real time

Bounces, spam complaints, and low open rates – they’re all signs you need to clean your email list. Run it through our bulk email verifier. That way you can get rid of poor-quality contacts, reduce bounces, and boost metrics.

Once your list is clean, you don’t want bad data to spoil it again. Connect our email validation API to your signup and registration forms. The API checks every new email address in real time so you only gather genuine, valid contacts.

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Email scoring system


Is that email address active? Use our A.I. email scoring system to find out

Email validation helps you figure out the valid contacts on your list. Email scoring gives you even more: it reveals the true value of an email address.

ZeroBounce Score offers a quality score for each contact in your list. The higher the score, the more likely that person will engage with your emails.

Now you can further validate catch-all emails and keep, nurture, and convert the high-activity accounts.

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Email in perfect shape


Is your email in perfect shape? Test it before you send

You scrubbed your list, you scored it – you’re good to go! Oh wait, is your mail server set up correctly? Will your email land in the inbox or go to spam?

Run an email deliverability test to find out. Our mail server tester detects misconfigurations so you can fix them ahead of time. The inbox placement tester lets you test your email with 20 addresses before it goes out to your list. That way you can see where it lands with popular providers: inbox, spam or not delivered.

Keep testing and adjusting until you reach the inbox! Now you’re good to go.

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Monitor Image


Am I on any blacklists? Get alerts about your domain and IP

It’s no fun being added to a blacklist: your emails start going to spam, you get bounces, and your sender reputation suffers. It can derail your entire email marketing program.

Our blacklist monitoring service allows you to check your status with more than 200 blacklists. And if your domain or IP get flagged, you’ll know which blacklisting company to contact about being delisted. We send you alerts whenever your IP or domain show up on a list.

All account owners, including Freemium, get access to the blacklist monitoring service.

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Why ZeroBounce?

You want solid results from your email campaigns. We help you achieve them.

Accuracy Rate

98%+ Accuracy

Whether you validate your list in bulk or check emails in real time via the API, you get 98% accurate results – guaranteed.

ZeroBounce's Email Verification

Secure Email Validation

ZeroBounce is GDPR and SOC 2 compliant. Also, we use military-grade data encryption to protect your files during the email verification process.

Customer support

24/7 Customer Service

Reach out anytime via chat, email or phone. Our support team and engineers are here to guide you and help improve your email deliverability.

Connect the email verification API to check emails in real time

We integrate with the platforms you love

Connect the email verification API to check emails in real time. If you need to clean your list in bulk, just import, validate, and then export it back to your platform.

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ZeroBounce Makes the Inc. 5000 list for the Third Time

ZeroBounce Makes the Inc. 5000 list for the Third Time

We rank no. 487 on the 2021 Inc. 5000 list that honors the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.

“We’re elated and grateful to our customers,” ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase says. “I couldn’t be more appreciative of them and of our talented team.”

It’s the third consecutive time that ZeroBounce is recognized on the coveted national list. What’s more, our email validation company took no. 9 this year on the Inc. 5000 Regionals Florida list.

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