Man looking at his cell phone checking his business status to make sure he is not on any email blacklists.

Blacklist Checker

Is your domain or IP blacklisted?

Being added to an email blacklist affects your entire email communication. Transactional and marketing emails accomplish their goals only when they reach people’s inboxes, and getting blacklisted won’t help.

Email servers and spam filters use blacklisting to help curb mass emailing and SPAM communications. These web hosting companies sometimes block an entire IP range if an address is labeled a SPAMMER. And if you’re in the same range, you get blocked as well – even if you are a legitimate sender.

Lawful businesses get added to blacklists every day. Their email sending is blocked and they can’t reach their customers. There’s great value in being aware when your IP or domain are on a blacklist.

That’s why we created this tool: to help you keep a healthy sender score and maximize your inbox placement.

Using our blacklist checker tool will allow you to verify your status with over 300 IP blacklists. And if anything is wrong, you’ll know who to contact about having your IP removed from the blacklist.

We’ll guide you through the process: please reach out to our customer support team if you have any questions.

Don’t forget to check BOTH your IP address and domain.