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Let’s Talk About Email: Brian Minick

I’d been looking forward to having Brian as a guest on my Let’s Talk About Email series of interviews. Finally, here he is! Our Chief Operating Officer tells us what his biggest email pet peeve is and what email from ZeroBounce would make him happy.

Let’s talk about email with Brian Minick!

Best email you received today: That we are looking for beta testers for the new ZeroBounce integration with HubSpot!

The last email you sent: An email to fire the customer support team up about some new team members who are joining on Monday.

Most intriguing subject line you ever got: I’m most intrigued by a blank subject line. I’m not completely sure why. Maybe because it feels like a mystery message!

If you could email any famous person, it would be: Steve Jobs. I would email Steve Jobs and need a response from him. I just want to see if he kept the “Sent from my iPhone” in his email signature.

An email you wish you had never sent: I’ve sent a few emails that were full of frustration and emotion. I regret pressing the send button on those. Nothing has ever come out good when I send an email with emotions all over it. So, moving forward, I made a rule for myself that if I wrote an email full of emotion, I would delete the entire email and start over.

“I almost faint when I see people who have 2,000+ unread emails.”

Your biggest email pet peeve: When people cold email me with “Re:” in the subject, yet I never emailed them. It hurts my credibility about you, but I always tend to open them.

Then, I always have a pretty serious pet peeve about having zero unread emails. I almost faint when I see people who have 2,000+ unread emails. It gives me anxiety.

Brian Minick ZeroBounce

An email you’d be happy to get: That ZeroBounce is having a pizza party for lunch.

Funniest or most unusual email address you’ve ever seen: I really love to see the old AOL email address. It still blows my mind that people list these email address’ on their resume that look like It’s very unprofessional looking. You can sign up for Google email for free! What are you waiting for?

No.1 reason why you unsubscribe: I’m constantly bombarded with emails, it’s annoying. If I don’t unsubscribe from email lists, I won’t be able to keep my unread emails at 0.

Biggest no-no in an email campaign: Telling me to ‘reply’ to unsubscribe, or fishy type emails. I will just mark you as abuse. Why do you deserve a real response from me? I never signed up for many of these marketing emails in the first place.

Silliest email address you’ve ever had: My old AOL email address which I retired. I wish to spare my reputation of those reading the article of what the email address was.

One thing that should change about email: Better ways to globally opt out and in of lists. I unsubscribe so much.

What you most love about email: So much, it’s fast, its free, its easy (or complicated). You can communicate to people can be about anything, to anyone and to anywhere in the world. What’s not to love other than the abundance of unwanted email?


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