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We believe the best teams are those that work towards the same goal. Our goal at ZeroBounce is to make email verification easy for you and ensure you leave the platform wanting to return. We are here 24/7, 365 days a year, to assist you.

Liviu Tanase


A serial entrepreneur and telecommunications executive with over 14 years of experience, Liviu excels in the creation, growth, and sale of novel technologies.

In addition to founding five companies, he has participated in three exits creating quadruple digit-returns.

As a holder of master’s degrees in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration, Liviu prides himself in developing unique and results-oriented cultures with strong emphasis on breakthrough technologies that drive enterprise value.

He created ZeroBounce to set the benchmark in email validation and deliverability.

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Henry Timmes

Chief Technology Officer

Henry brings over 25 years of experience in technology management, development, and network operations to the team at ZeroBounce.

In addition to his executive roles in technology management, Henry has individually founded two startup entities, and worked in development in the financial services and insurance, email, and retail sectors.

Henry is an avid hockey fan and relishes the challenge of implementing and managing innovative technologies in consumer-facing applications.

He looks forward to leading the next revolution in email technology and platform development.

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Valentin Shmidov

Chief Financial Officer

Valentin brings over 20 years of financial, entrepreneurial, and academic experience to ZeroBounce.

He has founded and sold three companies in the retail, telecom, and biotech industries and has managed over $10 Billion in capital markets transactions in New York, London, and Zurich.

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George Berar

Board Member

George is CEO of BenGen, a leading media, telecom, and marketing investment fund and a serial entrepreneur with a passion for successfully building a wide array of companies from start-up to exit.

At ZeroBounce, he trains and leads the management team to take vision and make it a reality.

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Sarah de Diego


Sarah de Diego is an experienced Internet attorney and founder of De Diego Law. She represents networks, advertisers, publishers, software and data providers and many other companies involved in affiliate marketing.

At ZeroBounce, she helps us maintain compliance with the constantly changing laws and regulations that impact affiliate marketing.

Sarah is licensed to practice law in the State and Federal courts of California, Colorado and Nevada.

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Sarah Frankfort


Sarah is part of ZeroBounce’s legal team. Her practice is concentrated on Internet law and soft intellectual property. She is licensed to practice law in Texas.

Donald Vizcaino

Executive Director of Sales & Operations

Donald joined ZeroBounce to streamline our sales, operations and global growth strategy. His 19+ years of experience in data mining, CMBS Markets, Private Equity, and Investment Banking have made him an expert in the areas of securitization markets, structured debt & equity, sales, operations and global growth tactics.

Donald studied Business Management at Florida Atlantic University. He formerly served as Vice President - Regional Manager of a renowned consumer credit reporting agency, where he developed a Diversified Markets Vertical from $250K to $120MM in annual revenue in a span of seven years.

Upon managing a successful sales force, he advised businesses from startup to enterprise level in the areas of business operations, workflow automation, credit, collections due diligence and risk-fraud management business solutions.

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Tudor Cioran

Senior Sales Associate

Tudor manages our European Sales team to develop the relationships that drive premium platform innovation and customer success. He brings to ZeroBounce over 10 years of experience in the retail and corporate banking sales sector.

Driven by helping others succeed, Tudor invests his knowledge and resources in getting your business the best email validation solutions.

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Chris Gallego

Senior Consultant

Chris manages his ZeroBounce team to provide game-changing email validation solutions and help all partners achieve their objectives.

Chris has 15 years of management experience and is an entrepreneur that attended John Jay College. He entered the corporate world beginning in a law firm, then went on as a manager in the medical sector, before taking the leap into the mortgage banking sector.

Throughout his career, he has managed teams to reach successful sales goals year over year. Chris likes to attend educational workshops, review professional publications, and participate in professional societies.

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Mirela Dumitru

Customer Sales & Success

Mirela has a strong background in email marketing and is now using her expertise to empower you to get the most out of your email campaigns. She handles our European Sales and brings valuable technical knowledge to the table.

With her sense of generosity and commitment, Mirela will be your perfect guide through the email validation process.

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Corina Leslie

PR Manager

Corina oversees all communication for ZeroBounce, ensuring our audience is informed about the innovations and developments from the team.

Over a 12-year journalism career, she published more than 25,000 articles before she switched to Public Relations six years ago. A copywriting and digital marketing aficionado, she believes in the power of the word and spreads the ZeroBounce message across the globe.

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Vlad Stoian

Customer Support

Vlad worked as an advertising technician before joining the ZeroBounce Customer Support team. He finds great satisfaction in learning about our clients’ experience on the platform and in helping them uncover the true potential of email validation.

Vlad considers service the highest calling and is happiest when you succeed.

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Simona Golescu

Customer Success

Empathetic and communicative, Simona wants to help you understand our email validation platform. For any questions or issues you may stumble upon, she will have a solution.

Her goal is to ensure that you use ZeroBounce to its full capacity.

Simona used to work in Google AdWords and Social Media marketing and says that ZeroBounce is “the perfect environment to grow.”

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Adrian Dumitru

Customer Support

“We treat everyone’s issue as if it were our own, and this is just one thing that makes us stand out,” our colleague Adrian Dumitru says. He quickly adapts to each of our customers’ needs and is a reliable problem solver in the team.

Adrian has four years of Customer Service experience and always approaches clients’ challenges from a “we” perspective. He is your advocate.

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Cezar Mitrenca

Customer Support

Cezar is one of your go-to people when you encounter any kind of obstacle on our platform. He is fast, reliable and one of the best troubleshooters on our team.

Cezar previously worked for an information management service and says ZeroBounce is the ideal place for him to follow his passion for technology.

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Alexandru Cutieru

Customer Support

Alexandru brings a youthful enthusiasm to ZeroBounce. He joined our team with the energy of a new beginning and a great desire to learn. He is keen on technology and values the team spirit that binds us at ZeroBounce.

Alexandru will assist you in getting the most usefulness and satisfaction from our email validation service.

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Iris Iordanoiu

Customer Success

Iris uses her knowledge and communication skills to ease your understanding of our email validation platform. She has helped hundreds of customers clean their email lists and is looking forward to the next email verification challenge.

Prior to ZeroBounce, Iris worked as a customer advisor for a fashion retailer.

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Anca Vasile

Customer Support

Anca is here to ensure your interaction with ZeroBounce is nothing short of impeccable. With an extensive experience in online marketing, she takes the extra mile to assist you in validating your email list and making your campaigns a success.

Before joining ZeroBounce, Anca worked as digital marketer, specializing in search engine, email and social media campaigns.

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George Ionita

Customer Support

George is fastidious, always motivated to offer you the support you’re looking for when using our email verifier. He puts his skills and knowledge to work to streamline your email list cleaning process and maximize your results.

George studies Mathematics and has substantial experience in customer-oriented jobs.

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Maririta Kaplanian

Customer Support

What drives Maririta is her constant willingness to learn and better herself. She is ambitious and inspires us with her “can do” attitude while showing every one of our customers that email validation is easy.

Maririta has a background in accounting and is now en route to become an HTML editor. She says that an entire life is not enough for us to learn everything, but with ZeroBounce, she is one experience closer to proving the opposite.

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Laura Comsa

Customer Success

As part of our talented Customer Success team, Laura enriches your experience with ZeroBounce with solid advice when you need it. She finds email verification a fascinating process and is here to share her knowledge.

Prior to ZeroBounce, Laura worked in the Customer Care field and accumulated the experience that makes her so capable at what she does today.

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Dan Straton

Customer Success

Dan knows the difference great Customer Support can make within a company and is here to prove it. His technical abilities and his genuine interest in helping fine-tune our support system every day.

Dan comes from a sales and telecommunications background. When his hands aren’t on the computer keyboard, they’re on the piano.

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Jesse Yu

Senior Software Engineer

Jesse is a results-oriented software developer who has spent over 20 years in the field. He has extensive experience in designing web applications and maintaining systems for corporations across different industries, from telecommunications to insurance services. As a senior software engineer, he is also responsible for leading teams to deliver technical solutions.

Having always been interested in innovation through programming, Jesse is looking forward to exploring and growing the future of email validation services.

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